• here is montreal, my favorite view
  • A small town in Connecticut. The first photo is what most people see while driving through. The third photo is taken from my bedroom window.
  • I live in a medium sized town in Central IL ... Pekin, IL Here is a picture of the Lagoon Park and the riverfront.
  • I live on Lanzarote in the Canary Islands. An artist called César Manrique was responsible for the low-key way in which tourism here was developed. The first couple of pictures are of a couple of pieces of his public work and the third one is a photograph I took. The fourth one is a larger version of my avatar, and it's a pencil sketch of some hills close to my home.
  • Spokane, Washington USA A mix of old and new construction. A pretty decent amount of business but with a small town feel underneath. I like it, family loves it, but just too quiet for my taste.
  • I live in the Mile High City. I've been having issues posting pics lately so forgive me if they don't come up.
  • Semi Tropical SouthEast Coast. And Northern California part time. Currently Bi-Coastal

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