• i am white, so i can't speak for African Americans, but i think the point of "black history month" is to raise awareness about their history and heritage, not so white people can make up for slavery, or feel guilty about slavery. i would think that if African Americans were offended by black history month, they would stop holding it.
  • I personally believe it just spreads racism even more; you are right, there are no "asian", "jewish", "islamic" history months. Why not? If you celebrate one slice of humanity, you should really be celebrating them ALL. Yeah, shit happens and its hard to make up for slavery - but people tend to ignore that some certain black people in Africa and other nationalities/countries also sold their own people into slavery. Its all how people record history. They only include the juicy bits and tend to ignore certain facts.
  • I'm african american and I dont take offense. It's only for us (african americans) to be aware of all that we have accomplished. I think people forget that Jewish people are white. People seperate as a race but they belong to the white race and yes they were also oppressed.
  • I do not own any black person anything for anyfthing. I have not done anything to them and they need to stop trying to do the pity me living in the past. None of them were slaves and to think that someone inthis day and time owes them an apology is pure stupidity. Yep I am married to a black man and feel that way.
  • I always thought Jewish History mounth was April, I could be wrong, but that's what I was told.
  • first, it is "Black History Month". the reason for it is because it was realized that current and past textbooks and also school lessons fail to point out any contributions that blacks made in the building of the American society. So they have the commercials that teach people about some of the contributions. things like the traffic light, stop signs, open heart surgery, the refrigerator cars and refrigerator, gas mask and other things that blacks invented.
  • Well we do have it for the Jews and its the month of May along with Asian Pacific month. They also have German american month, Greek American month.. lol so its not like the "WHITES" are making a month just for them.
  • I don't think they take offense. To me i cannot & would not make up for something i had no control over. What i can do is treat them as my equal as we all should to each other & educate myself & my children as to the history that they had a part in.

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