• Pretty much the same here. My son is four but he wears size 5. Just depends on if your child is of average size. 2T-3T is usually a toddler of age 2 or 3. 4T is usually a four year old toddler.
  • Our youngest clothing goes by months. 0-3 months 3-6, 6-9, etc. After 12 months you start running into the T sizes. Those are for toddlers who no longer wear diapers. It's kind of confusing to anyone who's never had to shop for kids, but basically a 24 month and a 2T are the same size, the 24 month just leaves extra room for the diaper. 2T's are for 2 year olds, 3T are for 3 year olds, etc.
  • probably by having the child try it on
  • There is no set age. Some kids grow faster than others, so don't buy clothing too far in advance. But US clothing is marked in 0-18 or 24 months for infants, 2T-4T for toddlers, and then childrens 4 (yes, confusing) to 16/18/20. Boys 20 is close to mens small, but usually more slim.

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