• That is sad. I cant even fathom it. Grrrr. Where the hell are his parents? Are they being charged with neglect or something?
  • Shocking, but you don't know easily that could've been me. You'd be surprised at the peer pressure even at that age nowadays, glad I made good choices. Let's hope there are some real adults who get very involved with this child.
  • well there you have it
  • Lmfao. That is crazy. I knew he was 13, but he looks younger.
  • Very sad but not at all unprecedented. It was not that long ago that 12 to 13 was considered marriagable age for a 'woman' (using that rather loosely considering the age) since she was capable of bearing children. Its sad to see kids having kids, they are doing nothing but damaging themselves and their child as life is a bitch but its even worse if you have a child before you are prepared.
  • god is great than human.nothing new in it.a girl became pregnant in more early than this girl.
  • He doesn't look 13. He looks much younger. I also think though it is disappointing to see kids having babies, they do seem to have their babies' interest at heart which is a lot more than a lot of older people that have babies do. I hope they learned a lesson and can go forward with NO babies for years to come.
  • i think it is a good emample of poor sex ed. in the USA (or at least in texas)the sex ed programs are very good. and condoms are easy to get free from planned parenthood. mabey this will inspire a reofrm of somekind.
  • oh wow, well to each her own. I guess if thats what they want...
  • Sadly this is all too common in the US - my neighbor was 14 when she had her son. It's such a shame...
  • A tradegy.
  • Looking at this article just scares me. Babies having babies. XP. That boy and girl look so innocent, you could have never tell if they were sexually active.
  • Sad. Babies having babies. Can you imagine what the next generation is in for?
  • Dude, thats the Sun. SHIT newspaper. Has nude girls on Page 3. BAD source of information...Bad Lucky, Bad!
  • Yeah! That's how we used to do it!!!! That kid is gonna be a one serious dude someday. A poor one and he won't travel much, but bad to the bone for sure. The even younger kid will be fine too.
  • Yeah, it's creepy, isn't it? God I hate the Sun. I can't believe the parents are actually trying to get paper and TV deals, it's ridiculous. The boy looks about eight.
  • What is a 15 yr old doing fooling around with a 13 yr old? The boy hasn't even hit puberty yet! And as for the parents asking how they were supposed to know that these kids were having sex, what the hell? I'm sorry but I know exactly what my 13 year old stepson has been up to. People, kids are just that, kids! You have to watch them!

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