• End of suffering on Earth methink.
  • According to my doctors, I have four years left. I'll let you know. : ))
  • I've said this before, I have no problem with dying, it's not the end that scares me, I merely have a profound fascination with living.
  • no i don't. i really hope that when we die our souls go somewhere.
  • good question. If it's a matter of want, no. hell, I would prefer eternal, life, youth and throw in a little omnipotence. but:
  • I don't know if I would honestly want it to be the end, but I do sincerely believe that it is. To actually answer the question, whether or not I honestly want it to be the end sort of depends on my mood at the time, most of the time the answer will be no, but I sometimes get into moods where I would instead answer yes. Sorry for the wishy-washy answer, but I believe it to be an honest one.
  • nothing! only body is the end but the spirit and soul no ending.
  • I know it's not the end.
  • Noo! seriously i dont want it to be the end, im still young to die :( i still want to be with my alive loved ones, even if just my body dies and my soul is still alive they will be missing me i wont be there with them, there is some1 i still want to take care of
  • Want is not really a part of it. Life is about destiny. All are destined to live and to die. Some argue over the definition of death, for while many define death as the end of the life of a body, others argue that it is at least a slightly involuntary seperation of your soul from your body. In the end, there will be an existence of some sort after death. Heaven and hell do exist. Evil exists and its home is hell. Holiness exists, and it is found in heaven.
  • i dont believe in an afterlife. i think once u die u die. and im fine with that. i used to be scared of death. i used to worry that if i go to slepp that ill never wake up. but now ive gotten over it and accepted that EVERY1 is going to die no matter what so just accept it! (2 those who agree with me, no disrespect to ever1elses beliefs)

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