• My husband is 50 years old and his mother still tells him what to do!!
    • Bass4816
  • After I turned 18, it wasn't my parents telling me what to do.. it was me calling for advice.
  • Of course. Do you think that because you're old enough to vote, your parents will forget that they were the ones who changed your diapers? And do you think you no long need to be told what to do?
  • Parents usually put their two cents in because they have been accustomed to doing it for so many years and they just want what is best for their kids. It's tough being at that age because you are grown up but there is so much to learn. Take Care.
  • Mine were pretty good actually - up until I moved out, as long as I let them know if I wasn't coming home etc, they let me do my own thing.
  • well ya but i didn't listen, acctually i never did. i just moved out.
  • It never stops. I am over 50 and my mother still tries to tell me what to do.
  • Please believe it.
  • im 45 now and she is still telling me what to do.
  • Yes, but like a fool.. I didn't listen.
  • Of course, I am 55 now and my father still tells me what to do. If nothing else, parents are consistent :)
  • I'm 31 and my mother still tells me what to do and how to do it. Tries to at least.
  • Interesting thing. I am 2 months away from being 18 and my parents are loosening their responsibility for me. I get social security checks from my mother, after her death and they are already letting me fill out the paper work to get the money in my own account every month. Seeing as i will need this money to go to college it's a good thing they're giving me control of it.
  • I'm 28 and they still tell me what to do....
  • they tell me what to do i just dont listen
  • No, but then again I wasnt in listening distances
  • parents tend to do that :)
  • my parents stopped telling me what to do at the age of 14 they gave up on me as i defied all their rules. im 20 now and living now away from them have done for 18 months. i never get told what to do. altho sometimes i need some1 too!!
  • No, I was married very shortly after turning 18, so they didn't really say much about what I did unless I asked.
  • Once I began making wise, mature choices on my own, and began paying my own way, my parents pretty much stopped "telling" me what to do. But my parents, especially my stay-at-home Mom, had taught me...and taught me well...about life and using common sense...better than any formal education I ever received. So, I thought a lot as they did...without regret. Once they saw that their teachings had taken hold, probably mid-teens, they began to ease away from command. Naturally there was imput from time to time, and I never pressed the "mute" button. I'm 70. My parents are long gone...but their "chip" of wisdom and common sense still remains in my brain to this day. I hope it never breaks down. I've had a great life...thanks largely to them. [OK, Mom...happy now?!? I wrote the AB answer just as you "told" me to do! Don't you EVER stop?!? :-)]
  • 18??? Even at 48!
  • I'd call it giving advice. I was away at college most of the time anyway.
  • While I was in college. I had good financial aid, but they were making a parental contribution. I really had to pay some attention to their views, though I have to say they weren't too intrusive once I stopped coming home for the summers. These days, my siblings and I tell our mother what to do.
  • Yup, up until I was drafted a few months later. After I got back, they didn't boss me around any more.
  • No. But I didn't live with them either.
  • as long as they fed, housed and clothed me, I was at their mercy.
  • Their roof, their rules, nothing hard to know about that.
  • No, but they didn't much before I turned 18, got married and moved out.

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