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  • I would try to understand what brought them to that point and try to save him before he does it.
  • Suicide is probably the most selfish act anyone can do. It is done purely for the satisfaction of the victim. The survivors, relatives and friends, are almost always puzzled. Sometimes it is possible to understand but it is still troubling.
  • really pointless to hate him/her so i would try to understand.
  • I don't think I would hate them, but would hate the fact that they felt there was no other way, or that there was no one they trusted in enough to confide what was going on. No one can help a person through the dark periods if they aren't aware of them.
  • I would be mad at myself that I was unaware of how they were feeling and did nothign to try and stop it.
  • I would feel deeply saddened that they were in so much pain that they saw no other way to change how they were experiencing life.
  • You can try to understand but unfortunately you never will.
  • My best friend did commit suicide 17 months ago. We were best friends for 38 years. It would be impossible for me to hate him. His wife and I both have tried to make sense of it but both come up short. There are no explanations. I thought about it so much all I do now is draw a complete blank and just feel loss. I try to understand but can't so some kind of wall went up and I just don't analyze it anymore.
  • The natural feeling(s) to occur are in this order I believe... 1.) Shock 2.) Deep Sorrow 3.) Mourning 4.) Questioning Period 5.) Self-Blame 6.) Greater Realization of Life 7.) Greater Realization of the Importance of Life We are humans. An odd race of people. Ranging from artists, politicians, scientists, athletes, warriors for our countries, warriors for our families, warriors for human rights, warriors for others. We make masterpieces. We make mistakes. We are capable of great feats of generosity and great feats of terror. Suicide is a great feat of terror. It tears, shreds and cuts through logic. It is a complete disorientation of life. I remember when I was first told of the concept of suicide as a child. It didn't make sense to me. I laughed. I had no idea where it came from. A dark place. For the ones left behind, life goes on. The ones left behind will feel like they should have done something, they could have done something, why didn't they do something? But they have to realize that each person is solely responsible for their own actions. A suicidal person has made the decision long ago. Even the most influential person in their life couldn't change their mind. It's not like they were waiting for someone to save them before they pulled the trigger. In fact, they probably would have preferred for someone to witness it. I don't want to say it's selfish of them to act this way, because I feel that's a bit harsh. I would say that it is a terribly sad thing that we as a society have given people enough sorrow to take their life away. I find it disturbing that we don't hold life with so much more value. Each of us are unique. Each of us has importance. I just think that these things need to be outlined more. I don't even think I fully answered your question. I just am suddenly feeling the hurt of people around the nation and want to just give everyone a big hug and a "everythings going to be okay" sort of feeling. If only Coke commercials were true.
  • I would say goodbye. No sense in dwelling.
  • try to understand.
  • I can't imagine being mad, but instead would feel sympathy and regret for not trying to do more.
  • She did and I understood But too late.
  • Being as I have went thru having those thoughts of suicide , myself .... I would have to just feel sorry for their departure from this side of life ... and be there to support the loved ones left behind ..
  • I can't imagine hating anyone who was so miserable he had to end his life. Is that really an option for ANYBODY??
  • I might straight up tell them they are being stupid and go commit suicide if they were really gonna do it. Most people who say they are going to do this aren't actually going to do this. If they actually go through with it, that's when you know they are serious, and you can stop them. It's actually doing a disservice to hate them. It is also doing a disservice to sit there and act like you're a counselor...because that only encourages them to be miserable.
  • My best friend commited suicide years ago. Hating her has never come into my mind. Hating myself for not being there enough for her was more prevalent. I have tried to understand what brought her to the point of commiting suicide. It is virtually impossible to do especially if you have been depressed enough to entertain the thoughts yourself and not gone through with it. Where you stopped, she continued. What I do understand is that she was very unwell. She had clinical manic depression. It is a terrible illness for which she received little support. Anyone who commits suicide is unwell. Depression is a medical illness. It battles against the person's nature and personality and takes over like a virus or other disease. That is what killed her. I do not believe she did it to herself.
  • a person has to be in an indescriable amt of pain to do this. i would never hate them but i would want to know three things 1. what is so awful that they feel they cannot live anymore 2. why they could not come to me or someone else for help 3. why they thought their problem could not be helped/ There is no answer to most of these...usually the questions that are left unanswered.
  • i would try to understand
  • Both. A friend of ours killed himself. Our emotions ran the gamut, from despair to hate to understanding. It was all there for a time. We finally ended up at understaning, love and a very regretful loss.
  • I have no problem with suicide. People get upset because of selfishness.
  • I would miss them and I would be deeply hurt, but I would never hate them.
  • i think i would be a bit angry at first, but i would completely understand that they just couldnt cope anymore. it would be wrong of me to not understand that. it would be sad yes, and i would be upset, but at least they would feel at peace.
  • I will never know why my friend took his life. I do, however, believe I might understand why he did it.
  • in fact, noone really knows what they will do until they are in the position in wich they will have to. I would probably at first think of the smallest hints that may or may not have anything to do with their suicide and say that it was so obviose, and after I accept that they have commited suicide and stop blaming myself I would hopefully try to understand what brought them to that point, which may bring me to a nervous break down and I may eventually relapse
  • neither, i would do everything in my power to stop them. even if that means tying them up, keeping them in my basement, and feeding them three times a day! i know, im insane.

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