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  • leave him before it turns abusive. You have every right to see your friends as does he.
  • Sounds like your boyfriend could be one of those physicially-abusive types. I wouldn't stick around to find out, if I were you. Is there a way you can get out of the relationship without him going nuclear on you?
  • I see your bf feels he has the right to control the way you think and how you feel. If this is his way of honoring you (and himself), it is mighty peculiar. Is he so concerned that you might find enjoyment with any other person? Apparently he wants you to honor him but he is not willing to honor your choices. Either seek counseling or find another boyfriend. This one sounds like he needs serious help.
  • Get out NOW, and get out fast! Twisting your arm is just the tip of the iceberg, of the abuse you will suffer at the hands of this jealous man. Please read any info you can get. 90% of men who start abuse this soon, progress to the rough stuff VERY fast, and you could be trapped with no way out later. Figure a good excuse, and please break it off, for your own good!
  • Ask him if he speaks Spanish and tell him..."Adiós gilipollas"(Goodbye S#@thead)
  • NO ONE ; not even a boyfriend or a husband has any damm right to lay a hand on you and cause you PAIN . If you are smart; you will ditch this low life ASAP. It has been proven that those who start out sith small injuries CAN , an many DO .. move on to MURDER. Get out of this relationship while the getting is GOOD ... Then talk to parents or a counselor ..Hell; even the POLICE .... to make sure he does not even come near you ...
  • So, he's cute and dangerous and you can fix him just give you time. . .get counseling. You need help. A lot of help.
  • You need to end this relationship.This is abusive and not healthy for you.
  • You need to end this relationship
  • This controlling and abusive behaviour will only get worse. You need to get out of this relationship NOW and get any protection you need to make sure he doesn't go near you again.
  • I agree with everyone else's answers . Lose this boyfriend before he hurts you more. THere is no need for jealousy in a secure, loving relationship between two mature, trustworthy adults.
  • END IT.
  • bye bye!
  • Get rid of him.
  • If you continue with the relationship things could escalate and there's no telling what might happen.
  • Yeah, I'll echo the answer of so many others. Time to get rid of him. He's both controlling and physically abusive, those aren't the sort of things that will go away with time. It'll likely only get worse and the longer you stay the harder it will be to leave. Do yourself the biggest favor you can and walk away immediately.
  • kick em' in the pork n" beans
  • You should dump him like last last week's garbage.
  • Put on your track shoes and RUN...preferably in the opposite direction of where he is. Arm twisting could very easily manifest into a black eye, split lip or broken arm. Unless you are into pain, get away from him. Avoid him, and make sure you are around friends if you decide to confront him, which I don't advise.
  • I agree with all this folks, if you really like pain, and willing to put up with his crap which you propably see it as tough love, go head its on u... but I think we all trying to tell u that he is dangerous... is up to u... you choose...
  • Don't walk away...RUN!!
  • leave his bitch ass
  • That is not a healthy relationship. You need to get away fromt that.
  • Sounds like trouble to me. Are you gonna want that in the future?
  • This is a classic example of an abusive relationship: 1) He is controlling 2) He is physically abusive 3) He is blaming you for his actions & over-reactions. Get out of there, it could get a lot worse. And do it yesterday!
  • dump his sorry a$$ before it gets worse and it will
  • if you stay - it will get worse. Hugs to you.
  • Leave him, and if he bothers you call the police.
  • Find another boyfriend as fast as you can. This is only a small example of behaviour you will put up with if you ever married him. His is a control freak and a bully. Do you want to spend one more minute with someone like that? You deserve better. Even if you can't find a new boyfriend right away it is better and much more healthy for you to be alone than put up with someone like this. He will ruin your life.
  • oh WOW I am always amazed how woman stick to man that treat them like shit.
  • he doesn't deserve you you don't need him he is who he is. you are who you are don't let him take over you let yourself live you're life without abuse, pain or pillory in other words: LEAVE HIM NOW and of course as others say :leave him last week
  • Uhm... Call 911?
  • If he is like this now, it is only going to get WORSE. Take this from a domestic violence victim, get out NOW.
  • NO offense but are you kidding you shouldent have to ask if you know anything about anything
  • Get more gay friends.
  • If they are heterosexual males I can understand why he might be jealous unless he really trusts them. Make sure you dont sneak about with them to avoid him knowing because this will make him worse as he will suspect what your doing. Jealously can be a painful feeling and it shows that you do mean a lot to him but on the other hand if they are all normal friends then just be stubborn and see them and tell him you love him but tell him what your doing too. He must break out of the distructive jealously even if its just him trying to be overprotective or it could get worse and worse.
  • He is an insecure control freak. Get the hell away from him. It will get worse. Too many good potential partners to waste time on this type of person.
  • OMG.. get away from him NOW!!!! he should not be treating anyone this way, you should be able to see your friends any time you like.. can you imagine being married to someone like this? you would have NO life whatsoever and probably be beaten up on a regular basis.... do yourself a favour and get out, this man needs help with his temper and anger. Keep away from him, and be glad you got out when you still could.
  • It will only get worse. He's an insecure control freak. Get the hell out NOW..
  • What should you do? RUN! People who love you cannot hurt you under any circumstances.
  • Duh! Move in with him and get pregnant. This dude is a KEEPER. If he is physically violent with you now when you are only his girlfriend, he will only become nicer and more accommodating as time passes and he fathers one or two of your children and you put on a few pounds. A life of happiness awaits!
  • Get rid of that SOB before he does some real damage to you. You are an adult (I'm guessing), where the heck does he get off?
  • Get rid of that SOB before he does some real damage to you. You are an adult (I'm guessing), where the heck does he get off?
  • What you do, is you get a crowbar, then you beat the shit out of him with it. While he's lying on the ground in a tormented mess, step on his neck to ensure that he's as uncomfortable as possible. Then say "I'm breaking up with you." Take a couple more swigns with the crowbar to get out further frustration. Then walk away and never call him again. If he shows up at your front door rinse and repeate. =D
  • ... dump the moronic violent offender ... ... get a restraining order and keep it renewed and updated ... ... have IT arrested and charged with assault ... ... push the court hard for a near max. penalty ... __________ ... find a REAL human guy, one with some understanding and wisdom ...
  • why do you stay with him? he doesnt even like you.
  • He is controlling and abusive. You should be with someone that will treat you with respect. Tell him to stop, you don't like it and that you each need time with your own friends otherwise it will drive you two apart.
  • Time for you to kick him to the curve. You do not deserve to be treated abusive like that. Find you a boufriend that will cherrish you instead of treat you like garbage.
  • I know that being single seems scarry and depressing and that it seems like you will never get over him... like he has good qualities too... that he'll change, BUT I PROMISE THAT THINGS WILL GET WORSE... if you break things off now, the sooner you can be with a guy who REALLY loves YOU that doesn't feel so insecure with himself that he has to control you to feel loved
  • I was in an abusive relationship for 15 years trust me i thought i was in control cause he never control my money and he would do what i wanted in the house and at my place of business. But they manipulate u by saying your friends are jealous or they mess with your mind. My ex started with a little push until he gave me stiches on my face fucking 15 yrs wasted he then walk out three months later cause they work on u so much that i wasnt even strong enough to walk away myself. He left me with a 11month and a 14yr old. I tell u that i lost $150,00 dollars cause he made be sell my business and my house and he didnt even want to work and he lived on my money. but its been two yrs and i'm on panic med and he really damage me cause i waited to long to get out which i didnt thank god he left since he walk and its been much better because you need to go to the 180 program they will help u and there number is 1888-843-9262 the longer u wait the MORE DAMAGE WILL BE DONE ON U TRUST ME IT HAPPEN TO ME TWO YEARS AND I:M STILL TRYING TO RECOP
  • 1-888-843-9262 domestic hotline they will help u walk
  • I have a hard time believing that you are serious. If this is really true, you need to dump this guy and get some psychiatric counselling on why you would tolerate someone treating you like that. He needs a good ass whipping.
  • He is your boyfriend now and he is twisting your arm. Later he could be your husband and hitting you. Then there are future children to think of. Will he do the same to them? Do you really want to live out your life like that? You will become more and more isolated until there will only be you and him and he will be in control. Leave him. Find someone who will treat you like you deserve to be treated.
  • i would dump someone like that, you could do so much better
  • i would dump someone like that, you could do so much better
  • i would dump him, he sounds abusive
  • Leave before he beats the crap out of you.....and he will, just not for a while yet.

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