• Dunno, if I enjoyed it, no I am kind of a freak : )
  • Yes. This is a serious crime and if you dont report it, what happens if the perpetrator does it again & again?
  • Without a moment of hesitation :)
  • MOST DEFINATELY ! It does not matter WHO it is .. RAPE is an act of VIOLENCE and deserves to be reported ...
  • hmmm, i thought i would have but i didn't.
  • Yup, because that's something that no one should have help getting away with.
  • I've known several women who confided they had been raped at some time in their lives. None of them had reported it. Women understand this; most men do not.
  • Original answer: Yes. Common decency demands it. Hrm, it looks like I completely misinterpreted the question... let me say, yes, probably. But then again it guess depends on who the "someone" is (you can know someone and not like them, for instance, then the answer is easy). It's a little harder if you "liked" the person (I guess you may not after the fact, also makes things easier), but by the definition of "rape" yes would still be the answer.
  • depends on what you what you mean by "report" and the circumsatances. i am 19 and a dude, if a ladie rapped me (unless she has a mental deficency or is old) i would BRAG any other circumstances i would report.
  • no you poison him or if your brutal you tye him up and torture him like al quedda in abu ya and leave u panting
  • It seems like women don't always know what constitutes as rape when it involves the significant other. They figure it's acceptable because they love the person, they've had sex before, etc. It doesn't have to be violent to be rape. One more thing: Do you think guys (or girls) realize that they've raped the victim? Or is it always denial?
  • Absolutely.
  • Actually, if I knew him, I'd probably gather a "posse" and physically TAKE him to the police. If he resists... we might have to carry his unconscious body there. (Ok... I talk big, but I'm sure I could find a group to do this.) You bet I would.
  • Victim is not family I report, victim is my daughter I kill the scum.
  • If it was to me hell yeah id report friend was raped and I knew who didnt and I didnt report him...I wanted to but she didnt want to...I guess it depends...
  • it would depend on the situation. let's put it this way even if i were the one raped i probably would not report it uless i know for a fact that i have a strong case. i'm not an id!0t as to put myself into that much pain, trouble and humiliation of reliving things if there's only a slim chance of winning despite how much i want justice. take this as another example someone i know played a part in the death of someone. i will not report it for several reasons but i'll give the top 2 1. i have no proof. not even if it came from my friend's mouth 2. my frien's family is richer than mine. fact of life is that money does matter. it can send ppl to other places wherein the boss is safe and lackey is setup in a comfortable life elsewhere to buy his silence. in another scenario political family can go on a feud wherein each others' family members are killed one by one and wherein to end it one family will sacrifice the life of 1 or 2 by allowing them to get imprisoned, to end the war, though not in the truest sense as money can buy these ppl all the comfort they need even in jail. they can even have their family around and celebrate their birthdays or something
  • of cause. without a doubt!
  • Yes, I would. If the rapist was so bold as to actually do it to someone that could easily identify them then odds are it's something they have done repeatedly without being caught. They've grown cocky and think they will get away with it no matter what at this point. You can rest assured that you weren't the first and will not be the last unless you put a stop to it. There's also the added bonus that if they know you, they know your friends and family and they are all likely next targets. You have to do what you can to protect your family/friends and help the rapist (hopefully) become well and a properly functioning member of society once again.
  • YES! Yes yes yes. There is no other answer. If you don't report it not only are you partially responsible for any other such acts this person commits, but you are also AIING this person to get away with rape, and you are doing a grave injustice to the person who was hurt. Grow a pair and report it.
  • Definitely. It would probably strain the relationship, but I could never knowingly let someone get away with it.

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