• I should think, if you are in a support group they would have the means to do these sort of things. Being a nasty sort of bloke, I have my suspicions about what you are really up to.
  • if you have her name and town, you can send it by money order and put address the envelope like this name C/O of goodness postoffice General Delivery Goodness, (state) and zip. by the way....Blessings to you for you are a rare breed.
  • i know you want to help out a friend but are you really sure you want to give money away to someone you met online.. i mean having financial troubles, would you send me some too lol .. sorry but its only the same thing. I wouldnt dream of asking anyone online for money, or for them to ask me, neither would i offer or accept any. Offering your support and advice would be a far more appropriate way of showing your friendship .. dont you think ... :O)
  • That is great of you, but I wouldn't recommend doing it online. You don't really know about her true financial situation - you want specifics. If you really trust them, then you can ask for a bank account number and maybe carry out a transaction that way.
  • I question your motives.
  • I need money right now.. I'll give you my complete address now..LOL
  • steady on, mate, you are on a slippery slope with this. people online should stay there. pray for this person but i would be VERY careful (i just plain would NOT send money to someone i've never met)
  • If you have her email address you can send money via paypal. You and she would need Paypal accounts, but that is easy to do.
  • You're a lovely person for being so philanthropic, but you really must be very careful. Unless you know this person quite well and completely trust them without a doubt, you are setting yourself up for heartache by sending her money. I know that may sound cynical but it is just a fact of life that people use the internet to manipulate and rip off people with good hearts. If you're adamant that you want to help her, talk to her about it. Work out an amount that you can live with losing if it turns out she is a fraud but that will be help out if she is genuine. Keep all receipts and documentation regarding your conversation. There's nothing wrong with being careful.
  • I'd second the PayPal suggestion that has been made by another poster here. And it's heartening to see someone literally put their money where their mouth is. Good for you.
  • I posted this question and I just wanted to thank everyone for their feedback. Sending money to someone I haven't met in person might be a little reckless. I'm going to have to give this some more thought. If I do decide to go through with it, I've been provided with many good options from which to choose.
  • if they are online then i bet they have a paypal account and social networking profiles and guaranteen your not the only one being told they have financial problems

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