• There is this girl at work that sings. It also gives me headaches and sounds WORSE than a dentist drill. You should ask if its ok to bring your own headphones and listen to music. Maybe even ear plugs? Have you told them it bothers you?
  • Turn it off and add a sign that says, "This piece of equipment has been found to damage human hearing and is not acceptable under health and safety regulations. Do not use."
  • Just switch it off and see what happens. Cite health and safety regs - sadly I can only guide you towards the european regs, but there is bound to be somewhere on the net where you can find your country specific regs
  • deal with it and quit being a cry baby. its your job. your getting paid right???
  • Take away the sign and let someone else turn it off.
  • Express your concerns to your boss? Bring ear plugs?
  • Considering there is a sign that says not to turn off, and also considering that it is affecting you through the day, it is an issue that needs a quick resolution. Speak to your employer, and explain the situation. Maybe it could be put somewhere else where workers aren't near, or the sound may be able to be reduced. Last resort is earplugs, but these concerns should be discussed promptly. If nothing is done, then there is whatever work safety body that the state provides that you can discuss it with. Also, document in a diary your attempts to sort it out, for any legal reasons.

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