• Not here , Yeahwell :) !
  • Yes. I am in the deep south.
  • Absolutely ... especially biscuits with sausage gravy ... I love it!
  • OMG ... YES ! I love Good buttermilk biscuits with homemade saussage gravy !! My Favorite breakfast .. Hardee's has the BEST Biscuits and gravy that I have found .... Followed by Bob Evans . BUT; you have to be careful at Bob's .... If you order biscuits and gravy, you get a yucky looking gravy .. You MUST specify that you want the Biscuits with SAUSSAGE Gravy ... actually the best deal is the Country Biscuit and specify Sausssage Gravy.(You get an egg with that ..)
  • No. I must assume that biscuits where you are differ greatly from biscuits in the UK, as no-one would ever think of having that combination here, it sounds weird (no offence).
  • I cannot really tell you what the common breakfast here is because My hubby and I eat home-cooked oats every morning with some raisins in it, a small glass of milk with whey powder in it and a citrus fruit and a cup of coffee. A heavy American breakfast would feed me for a week......
  • I wouldn't say they are common but you can get them at most breakfast places. I've never seen anyone else order them, but I love them.
  • Yes, biscuits and gravy is a common breakfast in Texas.
  • OOOOH yeah! And a fine breakfast it is. Sausage gravy, redeye gravy, milk gravy, and tomato gravy (my favorite).
  • Huevos rancheros is a more common breakfast in Albuquerque, but it's not unusual to have fluffy biscuits with sausage gravy. Yum, that sounds good!
  • Yes, it's very common here in the south.
  • That summons up a very strange picture in my mind - chocolate digestives and beef gravy somehow doesn't sound very appetising.
  • Yes, in some places they are, but they make them so badly here in the east. I remember back in California you could go into any cafe or casual restaurant and get really tasty biscuits and sausage gravy. Here in New York, it's nearly inedible. They often use chicken base for the flavor of the gravy so it tastes like chicken gravy instead of the sausage or bacon. I've quite ordering it here and just make my own at home. We even make our own sausage and I make the fluffiest biscuits, so it's just heavenly to have for breakfast.

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