• Rejoice.
  • Nothing. I was lucky to be raised by the people who I will always consider to have been my parents.
  • I cant even put a word to how I would feel!!! To add to this, when my Dad was a young boy(12-14yrs old), he was looking through some photo albums with his sister, and found his birth-certificate. As he was looking at it, he noticed that his birth last name was different from the one he grew up with! Up until then, the man that raised him 'as Dad', wasnt really his biological Dad. He was devastated. He said he always felt that his father didnt treat him the same as his other siblings. When he confronted his Mother, she gave him some vague answer, and told him they shouldnt be snooping around!! She just passed away day before Xmas, and had never told him the truth. It has bothered him all of his life, and still does. I really think I would feel so betrayed in the worst way, if I just found that out of my Parents...
  • Hope the real daddy is donald trump or sam walton =)
  • See if my real parents had money so I could claim some. My folks were not rich at all.
  • Cheer with joy!
  • Hope I could have a continuous relationship with my real parents
  • I wouldn't really do anything. Well, I might make a bit of an effort to find my birth parents, but as far as I'm concerned, the people who raised me are my real parents.
  • Jump up and happy as hell to know I was right all along LOL I couldn't possibly have been born in this family :P
  • "I knew it there is no way i could have been blood related to thease ppl" lol jk
  • Providing I wasn't snooping and had no business rifling through papers that didn't belong to me, I'd ask my folks about it. I wouldn't keep the knowledge I had a secret. I am adamantly against invasion of privacy by anyone. I don't do it to anyone and I don't want anyone doing it to me. So if someone came across such papers by having snooped and asked me about it, I would tell the truth but I wouldn't ever trust that person again. :) ((hugs))
  • Im old enough now where it wouldnt matter. I had a great childhood. I would just ask why they never told me.
  • I'd go have a conversation with my mother.
  • Me. I might do a little jig. All kinds of issues re genetics in my family. Odds are other one is better.
  • Nothing on an emotional level...I would still know who my 'parents' really were..the people who taught me love and raised me.....BUT I might be a little more concerned about my health from a genetic perspective.
  • I would probably be relieved to know taht there is a reason why i am so different that my family.
  • put them away and leave it at that
  • ...throw them away! I'm grown now, so what difference does it make?
  • this actually happened to my mom. At age 16 she found out that her dad wasnt actually her bio dad, that she'd been adopted by him. My mom mustve been really hurt by this cuz she refuses to speak of it at all.

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