• As soon as I find out, I'll let you know I'm sure, of course, that the bankers, televangelists and politicians will beg to differ with me thou
  • we have a rich history full of greed and bloodshed. :)
  • I'm in it
  • Making American money!
  • Respectively, may I revise the question to "what WAS so great about America?" Liberty.+2
  • Even the poorest of the poor people in this country have more than average people in some places. The opportunity to have the life you want exists here. And you can get extraordinarily rich by accident. There are freedoms here that don't exist anywhere else. And if something unjust happens, you can bring it to the supreme court. They've made mistakes, but they don't stick. If you don't like it, go somewhere else.
  • In God, they trust :)
  • We are in the process of positive change
  • the people
  • America is the best piece of real estate God put on this earth, and we Americans have it, and we will defend it from all enemies, foreign and domestic. :-)
  • It's been a grand social experiment which allowed unprecedented personal freedom and liberty. Only time will tell if the experiment has been a success, but the increasing selfishness and sense of entitlement in America suggests that it has not. America has had it's day in the sun, and we are likely to begin our decline very soon if it isn't already occurring.
  • Sadly most people have to really think this. What is great about America is simply our freedoms. We have the right to speak our minds even though some people confuse that with berating other. Speaking freely is to express our ideas and what we think is wrong and the important part not just what’s wrong but also a possible solution. We have the right to do so many things other countries can’t. Those born to this have taken it for granted and don’t understand what it is like to have their tongues removed for saying such things if not lose their lives. We can even say our leaders are doing things wrong and express what we would like to see them do. Other places a person could be locked away or killed for such things. We as a country are great but due to the fact of becoming ungrateful for our freedoms we have become hated by others. Our freedoms that so many have died to give us is what makes America GREAT,
  • They think America is "free".
  • Being so great that everyone hates you! Screw u haters!
  • Its hard to remember sometimes when we are having tough economic times and our troops are fighting over in Irac and we want them home but we live is this great country and forget to appreciate what other countries don't have Freedom and Liberty and Justice for all....sometimes tough times blind us all
  • Many of the really great things, like a bill of rights, guaranteeing freedom of speech, freedom from search/seizure without cause, and no imprisonment without the right to a speedy trial were suspended under Bush/Cheny. With luck the US will soon return to greatness based on its belief in "Truth, Justice and the American Way" -Superman
  • That where you get the best peanut butter-jelly sandwiches in the world, I have heard.
  • The entire country has the freedom to sell out. Cha ching!
  • i m my views.very progressive,superpower,painless happy peoples,beautiful country,safe peoples n country,social pressure less society.enjoying money n sex.
  • It's next to Canada!
  • Diversity
  • The patriotic spirit!
  • Oh we're great in many ways. By great you mean size, right? Oh yes, we have the greatest number of idiots, parrots, and we have experienced the greatest loss of opportunity, we are the greatest fool nation on the planet currently, and we are the greatest debtor nation (after being the richest, arent you proud?) :D

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