• i nned instructions on how to use my tge mp3 player on my puter. Cant fiqure out where to hook it up on my usb port
  • mp3 player in the sense, is it a mp3 cd player or standard mp3 players like iPod? If it's a mp3 cd player, Take a two way audio looping cable and hook your mp3 player's audio out port or headset port to the mic port of your pc/soundcard if you want a simple way... a two way audio looping cable is a cable with two plugs on both end of the wire where one plug goes to the pc and other goes to player or if you are referring to more modern players, they ought to have a USB inteface. If it's a mp3 player like iPod, please state the player's model or refer to your player's user guide... Usually, you will have to use a USB port...
  • ussb cord!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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