• yes , how easy and good life seem to be
  • "I can't believe it still looks this crappy after all this time!"
  • Like another person in another lifetime. Always freaks me out a little;)
  • "I'd love to go in and have a look around"
  • Yes, when I drive by my childhood home I look for something familiar, a garden that is still there, etc. and I wonder what has changed inside the house. When I drive by the condo I lived in, until I sold it and bought my house a few years ago, I think, thank God I was able to get out of there and into a home of my own where I am free to feed the birds, hang out in the yard, have a cookout, garden, etc.
  • Yep... On one, "That parking lot's where the house we lived in used to be." The next, "Last time I went in there it seemed so SMALL. I can't believe we actually had room to roller skate (metal wheels, clamped on shoes) in the basement!" The next, "I loved that house. I wonder what they've done to the inside. I hope they kept all that dark-stained woodwork." The next, "That's where I spent most of my life (from 8 or so, to 22, give or take a year or so). The fireplace that was built by my grand-uncle Fred was there. Too bad that part of the house burnt after we weren't there anymore. Wonder what it looks like, now?" The next, "See that tree in the front yard, and the one in the back in front of the garage? I planted limbs from the neighbor's tree when he pruned it, and now the damn things are 3-4" around and 20-30 feet tall!" The next few were apartments in Indy, and I remember them all fairly well, including "That where we lived that HOT summer that the AC didn't work right, and we FINALLY were let out of the lease!" and "That's where we lived when we moved about 100 feet away, but not fast enough for the complex, who ended up "throwing out" (yeah, right) some of our stuff (last stuff, packed and ready to move that day, actually - they threw it out while we were at work), including a ladder, yard tools, a brand-new in-the-package steak knife set, glass collection (one of the painters admitted getting it, but we never got it back), and many other things. Yeah, right, they "threw it out." THIS house... I remember being at my uncle's a couple of blocks away, looking at the real-estate ads, driving by the house, viewing it, moving in, and living here, including various changes to me, the contents of the house, my wife divorcing me, etc., meeting a lady a couple of years later for a couple of years, then meeting my wife, her moving in, getting engaged a couple of years later, marrying her a couple of years after that, and being married for 4 years. I remember a LOT about the "homes of my life". Wanna see what I remember about my grandmother's house? See my tribute to her at . ;-)
  • I've done it several times. I tend to get a little nastolgic.
  • I have even stopped and considered the matter. I have always concluded I did a good thing by moving away from the city to settle down in my farm.
  • memories of a time past
  • There are 7 places with 8 miles of where I live now that I that I once lived from that age of 2 yrs old to now 51 but I can think of at least 4 more that are 100's of miles away. Those close to home I see often and each brings back different memories. The one at 2 was where I first lived when I came to CA right next to the county Fair grounds, the only thing I remember for some reason even at that age is the bright lights at night Next one was age 5 with my dads uncle while he helped him build houses and it had a big swimming pool in the back yard and thats the yr I broke my ankle Here in the same town I live in now is the house where I had a tree fort in the back yard and my Dad and I also did archery down one side of yard also, even a big sand box for sister and my favorite dog lady a boxer. moved and the corner. To bigger house but I hated it had no place to build a tree fort. Dad & I now go to a profession indoor place for archery kinda cool and we planted a garden. Next house was only few blocks away and closer to the schools and my one friend.We also had a very nice neighbor who let me come over and play with his cats and earn money working in his yard, first real job. Next house was across town real big back yard, I hated it because I had to mow it and most all the kids on the street were boys and they gave me a bad time for a while, that was until I taught them a lesson about picking on after that it got better. Probably best memory in this house was my first kiss from a boy on the front poach Next house was out to the country, good & bad as I had to choose to either move to new school for my last 2 yrs or ride my bike 2 miles to school so I rode bike Till b/f got his driver lic. and could get me or I could drive myself. also the house my Dad choose to live my Mom but it was also the house where Mom threw the greatest 16th birthday party. Next My first home as a married person, little tiny 27ft trailer but it was ours and it was paid for. We lived in the local trailer park same town and loved it, so many nice people 3 yrs later where I am now out in the country and hope to never move again.
  • Yes I did. Years ago we used to live in a very nice home in Northridge, California. After we moved away, we dropped back several times just to see how the new owners were taking care of the place. My son drops by from time to time and in fact drove by last month when he visited us for the holidays..he had a friend with him and my son drove by his old haunts..schools, hangouts, house. :) ((hugs))
  • Yes, once a year or so, it is more run down, some of he same people are living there, which brings back some great memories.
  • The last time I went back to Florida to visit family I went by the place where I use to live. It hurts me to see how the place has changed. It use to have 800 acres of orange groves surrounding the it might have a 1/2 acre of orange trees and condominiums all around, but at least the house looks in good shape.
  • we are on our 4th house in the same neighbourhood, so I go past all of them quite often LOL :) I think of things that happened in the respective properties, fun times most often.....
  • My husband and I sometimes drive by where we used to live. We always remember the fun times we had in each apartment or house and we reflect on how far we've come.
  • I love this question Deb! I've driven by the house I grew up in a few times. It looks so much smaller, as did the neighborhood. It was a little sad to see it run down too. One of my childhood friends still lives down the street. I don't know what it would be like to live in the same house your entire life. It might be a little limiting, but it also could be very comforting too.
  • one time i went to uruguay where i was born with siblings and we went to the house we used to live in and it was weird cause it seemed so much smaller than i remembered it, its like when youre a kid everything looks bigger

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