• not married,never have been,is hard to find someone trustworthy enough to marry
  • Very much regret doing so. Hideous individual with absolutely zero redeeming values! Divorced a long time and never doing it again - lesson learned!
  • Yes, extremely sorry, I divorced him six years ago, best thing I ever did for myself.
  • Yes! Biggest mistake of my life. Dated for years, lived together, got married, then he decides to cheat within the first 3 years. You think you know a person, then Pow..WTF! Still trying to get the money up for a divorce. Cost $5.00 for a marriage license, but will be about 2 G's for a divorce. Sucks.
  • No, we are not married, but miss her! Been two years, but still have that feeling!
  • Yes. I really didn't love her. It lasted 9 years until she went way too far with the money situation (bounced about 8 checks at one time) and then filed for divorce. Second marriage is on year 31.
  • I am madly in love with my hubby. We are married for 22 years. He is my best friend and sex partner.... wht a great combo.
  • It probably doesn't matter that much now, I am still married. Like the song says; " some days are diamonds, some days are coal"!
  • Yes Im sorry I married my ex husband so I guess the ex explains the 2nd question
  • Yes and no.
  • I have only been married once. I am still with my wife and will be until the day I die. We got married when I was 28 and she was 32. My only regret is that I didn't meet her sooner.
  • Im sorry I married two of the people I did. They are the reason I refuse to marry this one. I actually plan on keeping him. We call ourselves married and I suppose its good enough?
  • Yes,I regret marring the one I did(back in '85) and then divorced(back in '95). My attempts to take the lower class girl to the middle class(or more had we been able to actually do things besides sex and drugs)didn't pan out.Once I finally realized the mistake,we had 2 kids,a house to pay on,2 cars,and I just made a decision to leave. She had her new B/F(now hubby) in within 2 hours of me leaving(imagine MY rage!) After the divorce was over I wished him all the blessings she gave me!(btw,she lost the house and is living on welfare,drinking and drugging daily,and sleeps around on him,,so says my 22 year old)She has kept my son(20 now) from contacting me during and proceeding the divorce,he is a stranger to me:( (I live many states away) Am I innocent?,NO it takes two to make or break a marriage.
  • It is too late to be sorry. It has been the best ten years of my life. Of course, we've been married for nearly 29 years. ;-) I certainly hope that you are not suggesting that marriage is something to be taken lightly or something that one should cast aside on a whim. Marriage already has been cheapened enough over the past twenty to thirty years, it most certainly doesn't need you to diminish its importance any further. Thank you.
  • Not at all and yes we're still married after 35 years. He's still the joy of my heart and the twinkle in my eye. I look forward to waking up each day and seeing him, talking to him, doing things together.
  • never sorry but no
  • Not at all sorry it was a wonderful marriage and yes we would still be married . We had our lone times but most things we did together. I am pretty lost without him. Having to learn to live again.
  • No I'm not. Keep in mind there have been those moments but I can't live without my wife and kids.
  • I love my husband very much. We will be married 12 yrs come May and I hope to have 100 more happy years with him :)
  • i am not sorry. i often wish i was single. i know though that i would just end up married again. probably to the same personality type.
  • No and no. I have very fond memories.
  • i am NOT sorry i married him, and we've been married 26+ yrs!
  • I'm on my second marriage and do ot regret either of them. We got five great kids from the first one, all of whom are now great adults, as well as soon-to-be ten grandchildren. My current wife is a true gem of a human being and I consider myself one of the most fortunate of men to have found her. So I have very, very few regrets.

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