• Do the same to him. Be careful though, controlling, paranoid behavior is never a good thing (his I mean).
  • You might start by just dumping him: someone who has no respect for your privacy is going to soon enough demonstrate that he has no respect for other things as well. Then if he comes back begging for forgiveness, you can lay down the rules you should have offered the first time he did this: 1- Don't you ever, ever, ever think of touching my cell phone, computer, or purse without my permission. 2- Sometimes I will go places without telling you. That's my right. 3- I may talk to other people, including men, without your permission. I will not cheat, you will not spy. 4- I offer you the same level of respect.
  • Honestly just deal with it. I know it is annoying because my husband does the same thing to me but like you said you don't have anything to hide, so you shouldn't hide anything, just let him look his heart out.

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