• SPOILERS it is unclear how successful/unsuccessful the flood is in destroying the Locust. You can tell that a large number of Locust were killed - certainly more than the lightmass bomb in gow1 killed - but that doesnt neccessarily mean they were all killed and the queen definately escaped at the end, as we heard the voiceover. It is possible that the COG might have destoryed all the ordinary Locust but there could still be the problem of the Lambent (the glowing Locust fighting in Nexus) and the Sires (Those tentacled creatures in the lab). Guess I havnt really given a clear answer but we wont know for sure how many Locust survived, if at all, until GOW3 - bring it on :) rory clark1 x
  • no because of one thing the locust escaped on the "flying octupus" so no not all of the locusts and there are probably quite a few handfulls out there hiding above ground in caves or something.

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