• s/he wants to have attention or wants to know what you are doing, rabbits are very curious animals. when they lick and nudge you they are showing their affection for you. when they nip, it might mean that they are afraid of heights and they want to get down, nipping is not neceessarily an angry remark
  • Lol, your bunny loves you and just wants to show u affection. The licking then nipping is just the way rabbits groom each other- they just think that they are doing you a favour by doing a "thourough" job. They dont mean any harm by this i had a bunny who used to do it all the time it just meant she thought she was getting the places that are hard for you to get. So dont worry about it and enjoy ur bunnies love because that means ur in their good books. Enjoy!
  • It means that next to your GF, your bunny likes you b est and since she is gone, you'll do.
  • I think the bunny misses GF and needs reassuring. Sweet little bunny.
  • AAAAAAWWWWWWWWW the bouncing bunny relly is in love with you this a really good thing :)
  • It really likes you. It is showing affection.
  • It is just excited over you.Probably you are releasing some pheromones.
  • Are you sure that's not a puppy with a bunny suit on?
  • He just wants your attention and love. He's asking you the only way he knows that he wants you:-)
  • its a sign of he/her likes u n wants 2 play n have fun get her/he a rabbit toy 2 play with r he/she is lonely maybe get another rabbit to play wit i have 2 n they get along fine bt if it a grl get a boy r if it a boy get a grl or they will fight n kill eachother
  • She wants to play with you, and feels a need for attention. Rabbits are very plyfull creatures and need constant love and attention. Licking is a sign that she loves you. Overall shes lonly and wants some attention. So for a little while everyday you should just pet her.
  • i think you know...
  • I think your bunny rabbit thinks that you're another bunny rabbit. It probably thought that way of your gf and since she's gone you're the next best thing. (?)
  • He wamt's your attention. He wants to develop a relationship with you because right now your his only roomie. Great luck with the baby Matob
  • yeah it's just showing affection, treating you like a bunny is flattery so just play with her a little, she'll love the affection, and don't deny her attention if you do she may get angry and nip you, they do now how to hurt so just give her attention
  • Sounds like you are second best in his eyes!
  • that sounds like courting behaviour. that bunny is feeling what all bunnys feel at this time of year (spring) the need to 'hump'. It's normal, but it means your bunny has boundary issues. remind them kindly that you are not a 'mate'.
  • your lucky your rabits like this mines the same people underestimate how clever these animals are mine responds to his name sticks his nose in the bowl when he is hungry and as he lives inside with me, i've even potty trained him this is your rabbits way of telling you he wants attention. he just wants to play
  • she is probably a sweet and playful rabbit. she is just playing with you. she's should start playing with her too.
  • You are a lucky guy! This bunny accepts you as part of the family and sees you as an ally. He's a snuggle bunny and wants attention from you, maybe something your gf usually does and he doesnt care who does it as long as he gets his lovin. So sweet!
  • Now that your girlfriend is gone, the rabbit is lonely and needs love. You should be kind and pay attention to it until your girlfriend gets back. It feels confused and alone; it's not crazy or evil.
  • I don't know because rabbits are not affectionate by nature. If it were a dog or cat I would say the animal misses the girlfriend and is making sure you don't leave too.
  • That little cutie is just wanting to let you know that she loves you and wants your undivided attention. Your her alternate care provider since your girlfriend is gone so she is soley depending on you to take care of her and afterall rabbits grow very fond of their owners after they build trust, but that is besides the point she is just happy that your there and wants you to pay a little more attention...maybe give her a treat or two reminding her how much you love her.

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