• If it is not, it should be.
  • Um yes. Unless, i break a leg. But uh... that would be painful.
  • Yeah. but its bs and not run correctly
  • I hope so! If not they better be tearing down the McDonalds in their town and rebuild a Saladworks.
  • When I was in school in New York State in the 1980's it was mandatory.
  • No, it varies by state. However, most states have some type of physical education requirements in their curriculum. In my state for example, PE is required for all students in grades K-8, but it is an elective in high school. Individual state PE requirements:
  • I graduated in 2001 and It was mandatory during my school years here in Florida. The sad thing is when teachers let the overweight kids sit on the bench and opt out of activities b/c they don't feel like participating.
  • no not where i live. i hated P.E. haha. i know thats bad but i did. it was required k-5 and then you had the option to take band or P.E. and block (which every 9 weeks it switched to different things like art and music.) can anyone guess what i did??? band. it only lasted one year because 7th grade they let me join the 8th grade choir class. ive been a choir nerd ever since. i do dance... there really is no point in playing dodge ball and messing up my ankle when i would have to dance on it later
  • P.E. is only required for 1 year in secondary school.

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