• The 9-11 newspaper and my grandmother has the moon landing newspaper
  • I save our weekly issue of two local newspapers, one called Rural Living, and the other is the Record Review.
  • I have the paper from 9-11 and my grandpa gave me the paper from the moon landing. I also have the paper from the day I turned 21.
  • I have the paper on the day my daughter was born..somewhere around here:):)
  • I have saved all my old Mother Earth News, Bon Appetit and Organic Gardening mags and that's it....actually that's enough! lol!!!
  • My mom has an article from when I got interviewed in kindergarten because my class had been selected to grow some tomato seeds that had been aboard the Nasa space shuttle. I had a big picture in the Star Tribune on the variety page along side a baby space tomato plant :) Can't make that stuff up.
  • I save old issues of Reader's Digest and other printed materials. Their value might increase someday :)
  • I wouldn't call it saving so much. That implies that I mean to keep them, but I do have dozens of Readers Digest and Time Magazine around my house that I occasionally reference. Would be more than happy to just see the clutter go, but never quite make it that far.
  • Several years worth of genealogy magazines here. A few history magazines. Some clipped entertainment, travel, food or organizing articles from this or that magazine. Some scrapbooking articles. Several computer magazines. A bunch of writing magazines. Some digital photography articles clipped out. Now I've started picking up science magazines. Wait .. can't take it. Lots of magazines around here. :) Won't even start in on newpapers .. or all the newletters and journals that come from organizations, repositories and societies.
  • I rarely throw out old magazines. So, Vietnam, Guitar World, Brave World, Bloody Knuckles, Reminisce, Predator Extreme, Fur, Fish and Game.
  • I still have the newspaper when the Broncos won both their Super Bowls and also when the Rockies won the Pennant.....

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