• Assume that that person has not updated their myspace page properly yet
  • I would wonder if they just have not updated it yet. Might ask about it, let them know it needs to be gone ASAP.
  • Well I would find it a little suspicious. But before you aproach your guy about it, I would definitly do some more research. Like when was the last time his ex logged onto her my space? Maybe she hasnt been on her account for awhile. Or depending on how long ago they broke up? Maybe she just hasn't deleted the pic yet. Or it could be possible that she's just a catty girl trying to upset you. You gotta look at all the possibilities. Hope this helps...
  • If they are using their page, I'd feel sad for them, since they cant let go.
  • Meh, not much you could do. Can't control other people, but you can control yourself. Let it go. Really, what does it harm?
  • I would understand that it's a photo of historical significance only. I have not removed my ex BF from my photo albums, because he is part of my kids' histories. I would wonder about the self-esteem of my current beau if he had an issue with that.
  • maybe they just havent updated their page in a longtime.
  • Well, it could be a variety of different things. Possibly they forgot the pic was there, and haven't changed it yet. Or she could be jealous and wish she was still with him. Or.. the worst possibility could be that they were still dating. If I were in the situation: here's how I would handle it: I would ask very sincerely if there was anything behind that, and demand the truth. If it seemed like it was a thing of the past, I would let it go.
  • Even if it were older, I would be very upset. I would probably be in tears for a while. Even if my boyfriend wanted her to take the picture down, it would still bother me. I would be jealous even though I know that isn't right for me to be that way.
  • I would understand it's just a webpage.... I go on myspace like 2 times a month.
  • I would ask that it be removed
  • I would think... "PSYCHO" I won, you lost, get over it. or they may not have updated myspace in a long time. you and your SO have no control over that other person as such you need to grow up and let them remain a child. PS, now that I have read some of your comments it apears this is exactly as you have done
  • I would give it some time. I would ask him about it though.
  • I wouldn't find anything that needed handling. It's their page, screw 'em.
  • You know, you sound like you are bouncing around a lot searching for THE guy. Let it go. The right guy will happen if you just live your life and enjoy who YOU are. There are several billion men on this planet and the right ONE for you is more than likely not going to be one of the however many guys you go through looking for him. And, while you are on this frantic search, you might just miss him because you will be too busy to notice or form him to notice you.
  • hi, sexy C, babieeeeeeeeeeee ... just ignore outdated myspace pages ... drawing attention to it only mushrooms the situation ... LoLz ... ^_^
  • Admittedly I'd be a little annoyed. I used to have a girl who was real like that with my ex, then I fell head over heels for the other guy she liked and we're together over a year now... Funny how life goes innit? Well shes got a picture, you've got the real deal and one day it'll come back and bite her in the ass. Anyways, you've got the real deal and shes got a picture, people will soon enough question why she has a pic up of a guy who isnt her bf. But if its bothering you that much and you feel like being a bitch ;) get a friend or set up a fake profile and comment on it, something like "Why do you have a pic of a guy who isnt your bf with 'my man and me'? Shouldn't it say 'my ex and me'?" That pic and caption should disappear sharpish.
  • I'd tell them to update their profile. If they're no longer dating it shouldn't be that big of a deal. Unless they have been on since and are "blind" to it then i'd be annoyed and maybe think it was intended for me to see..
  • Depends on how long ago the other picture/caption was put there.

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