• No, I love my spousal unit of 26 years with all of my heart, but I don't believe it for a second. huh?
  • I would like to believe that love is real..I am not a believer in marriage though. been there done that..never again. :)
  • I think you misunderstand love, and have only a one-sided view of marriage (although you described the relationship I had with my ex-wife). I do believe in love. Not the storybook kind, but the kind that is worked at and cherished. Marriage, I'm not so sure about.
  • Yes I do believe in both. Mind you that love is not just liking and feeling desire for someone. Marriage is not a simple union of two persons under matrimony. Love and marriage require very much commitment, understanding, caring, friendship and very much consideration. For love and marriage to work the relationship should be cared for as if it was a plant then only will it survive, become beautiful and flourish. Regards.
  • you sound like you've been hurt... i believe in them both but i also believe that people often mistake superficial things to be love and people often go into marriage for the wrong reasons. life's shitty that way. you have great things that are ruined by man's stupidity.
  • "No, I believe in what you think!!"
  • I still love being married after 17 years, do not see it as a trap at all.
  • Marriage can be wonderful with the right person.
  • Love and marriage is work because it's a relationship between two imperfect people. However, the rewards are like no other if each takes the time to invest in the other. You see each other at their best and at their worst. That's the truth...some people "can't handle the truth". Been married for 29 years. Still learning... Oh, by the way, you are missing out on the opportunity to take down the wall you've built around yourself. It's ok to be vulnerable when you've found a true friend.
  • i would like to keep the hope of marriage...i've seen so many fall apart and so many hold together. i want so badly to believe in marriage. i do believe in heart is in love with someone who doesn't feel the same. it hurts. i've never felt so is real. it's hard to find, but it's real...
  • Love and marriage is what you make out of it. If you have a negative outlook, then you will most definitely have a negative relationship going into it. Love and marriage is beautiful and there is nothing out there that I would want more than what I have.
  • love is the deepest form of trust and friendship. weather it is between family friends, or the oposite sex. marrage seems to be like formailizing a friendship in an attempt to make it permanent. however, when you define something so beautiful it implys roles and boundrys. these new dynamics can ruin a friendship, and without that love is a hollow fascade
  • Yes, I couldn't be more in love or happier with my marriage. My parents have been married 25 years, and I think they're happier now than ever.
  • Knowing absolutely that my wife loves me, and that she'll be home every night, and I can always rely on her... THAT is what real love is all about. If you want security in your life, and an ability to look into the future and actually make solid plans for 15 years from now... find a good woman, fall in love, and get married. Or a good man... depending on your persuasion.
  • While marriage is obviously something real, I don't believe that it adheres to the typical definition which we give it, as I'm convinced that love is a motivational means to procreate, and not a whole lot more. Even parental love defines itself under protection, propelled by emotional motivation, but yeah, I sound totally cruel now. While marriage may follow that up through raising children and allowing for a more convenient life, just as, in most cases, it secured prosperity centuries ago and still does in some countries today, I don't think it's linked with love very much because the latter seems to thrive on infatuation rather than cherishing, and when it does go that far, it's probably tolerance and adaptation, as weddings have been around since like, ever, and in forced or arranged marriages, love may have never been there. But it still works. I just don't think that both reflect the true nature of the savage within which rules us all, and more importantly, to that which truly binds us to our biological existence, LAWL.
  • Happily married....Enjoying every part of it for last 5 years...
  • I tried it out and I have to say I'm now a firm non-believer. I liked your choice of words too lol. Because it really is a terror and trap. Maybe I just had bad luck, but I guess that's where the term "starter marriage" comes in, but I seriously don't see myself getting married for another decade, if at all. I'm too young to be dealing with such bullshit. It's so not worth any of the stress I have been through the past year.
  • 6-5-2017 Almost nobody knows the first fact about either of those words. They make up bullstuff, and then blame the world for lying to them.

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