• Peace and harmony for all mandkind or real sperm.
  • Are those pics from LEGOland? Awesome! As to your question: I think we can build models of anything from LEGO, which is really cool. Too bad we can't make a fully functional space shuttle from LEGO.
  • It's not efficient timewise with the labour force that would be needed though some construction jobs do use similar systems with building materials which are similar to giant lego pieces, usually used when speed and not stability is required.
  • ... fully functional heat shields can NOT be made of Lego ...
  • Probably something that holds water, I don't think lego's comes with a liner
  • you can't MAKE a 2X2 lego brick out of a 2X2 lego brick or a 2X4 brick out of a 2X4 brick etc.

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