• What do you make a year?//yeah it could make a difference!
  • I wouldn't say essential, but they sure do open a hell of a lot of doors. Do you mean high school diplomas or degrees? Well either way, both are good to have.
  • They seem to help, even if you use it or not.
  • Well,... take it from me, without that piece of paper you haven't got you know what-tee.
  • No, but it raises your odds.
  • when I was younger, it was much easier to get a good job, or even do trade training jobs that allowed you to aquire a certificate while working, but I do admit these days, employers sseem to be more keen about hiring people with some sort of formalised education, be it a certificate or degree, in reality, other than your job, does it make you more successful, no, not necessarily)
  • To enter a career diplomas do help. To excel in the career its the personal effort that helps. To succeed in life neither diplomas nor successful careers help. Only the practice of the art of living a wholesome life makes one succeed in life.
  • During interviews, I have always ignored diplomas and focused on talent, experience and whether or not they have a life.
  • The great western writer Louis L`amour said "I quit school because it interfered with my education" ....though there ain't many famous western writers getting rich now a days .....
  • No, but it may help you to find the best path for you to follow to find success.
  • Not essential but darn useful on your resume!
  • With a diploma comes the experience of knowledge and liberal thought. The diploma opens the door but ones drive to succeed is the key to success.
  • A high school diploma. No not really. I do wish I had one. My family moved to Texas the summer before my senior year. I tried to go to school in Houston, but they told me I didn't have enough credits to graduate with my class, and I needed Texas History, and physical science and other classes taht I took in Jr. High. I would possibly be able to graduate in the summer, POSSIBLY! I think I lasted a month, maybe 2. I quit and got my GED!!!
  • If you want to make it in the corporate world then yes.
  • no, i know a man who is less educated person and he's hired more educated people to worked for him but i wouldn't say it not essential, it's very important if you don't wanna start anything from ZERO;)
  • Not essential, no.
  • Essential, no, helpful, yes.
  • I feel that people who earn their diplomas have a self respect and confidence that helps along with more oppurtunities because of their sacrifice. I have an 8th grade education .I have a sucessfull business ,beautiful new home and many material blessings. I attribute my sucess to God first and formost and a little determination.

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