• Bien, adieu.
  • OK Bye can be said in French. You can say "ben, au revoir" or also "adieu, à la prochaine, ciao, à tout à l'heure, à bientôt, à tout de suite, etc." The French actually have lots of ways of saying this, it usually depends how long it is going to be before seeing the person again.
  • sayonara or au revoir mon ami avec un poisson sur un bâton
  • "OK" has become universal and is "owned" by no one. I think I recently read that it is the most used word in the world. As for "BYE" part, I yield to those who know French. I personally find it to be the most beautiful language in the world, least, to my ear. Uh, to the other one, too.
  • I always thought it was, adeiu. I could be wrong though?
  • The closest in terms of usage and meaning is: a tout l'heure
  • Maybe something like (and please ignore the spelling) aurevois????
  • Very similarly to the Reformed Egyptian way....adieu
  • Bon, a plus !
  • Okay is usually said as "d'accord." Bye is said many many ways. "Adieu" has a certain finality to it, like "farewell" in English. But, in English, "Okay, bye" has several connotations. It could be ending a conversation on the telephone, it could be a final acknowledgement in a conversation, or it could be an irritated way to tell someone you are no longer paying attention to them. A French person, before hanging up the phone, on the way to meet the person with whom they were speaking might say "A tout de suite," which is like "see you soon." If you are trying to get someone to conclude their business with you, you might say "Bonne journee," which is kind of like the English version of "have a nice day."
  • Personally, I'd have to resort to a free translation site online. But the native French speakers are a much better option.

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