• No, and very few countries allow monogamy because of that.
  • Why not?If he is capable of everything!
  • Absolutely not. I don't agree with a man having more than one wife. The only person it would potentially benefit is the man. Would it be okay for a woman to have two husbands? What if you are one of the husbands? Now how would you feel?
  • maybe mine.... hes a handful...share EVERYTHING tag team....JK
  • it with problem a have don't I
  • In some countrys its normal but I would never accept it
  • Yes I agree a man's wife should be more than 1, at least 18 is a good rule of thumb.
  • Nope... I, personally, couldn't handle more than one house/household OR wife! (Nor would I want to.) ;-)
  • Not if gays can't marry
  • I never could afford even one, so i stayed single.
  • If all the women are willing and he can provide, then whatever. I wouldn't participate in such a thing though. I don't see how it could work. No matter the understanding which may forge the bond, people will naturally get jealous, scheming and dramatic. But hey, if it works for others, be my guest lol.
  • No, it is hard work dealing and understanding one woman in your life. I love my wife very much but more than one wife...NO!!!
  • I believe that what ever two or more consenting adults do is certainly none of my affair. and it shouldn't be the governments affair either. what ever happened to the separation of church (marriage is diffidently religious area)and State (the Government busy bodies) if you can get two women to live in the same house and both sleep with you, without killing each other, more power to you.
  • I wouldn't call anyone in a harem a wife. A wife is an 'other half' - you are so close that you learn to think like each other. Its a struggle and an act of 'becoming as one', not a pretty arrangement where the housework is shared out and master comes to take his pick every second Wednesday. That's not a marriage at all, that's an arrangement. It might particularly suit men who are trying to avoid any form of spiritual growth at all.
  • Agree on what?
  • ask your question more clearly. if the wives know what they are getting into before they marry him it is their choice
  • One by itself is very difficult proposition and here we have people opting for more? I think it is important to be monogamous in marriage.Bigamy by itself is a crime in most of the developed nations!
  • Only if there is a severe shortage of men. Should a woman be allowed to have several husbands? Only if there is a severe shortage of women. "I say it ain't right for that man to have two of what we have none of!" (from the movie "Paint Your Wagon", watch it some time.) But really, the answer is "No". It creates all manner of misery. There is enough foolishness and misery in this world already. Keep your eyes open. Watch how people behave. You should be able to figure this out.
  • I couldn't do it but who am I to judge others.
  • No problem with it. Why, is the bigger issue. One is enough
  • no not really!!! isn't it difficult enough to keep 1 happy...let alone 2 or 3...
  • I have the most beautifull wife in the world & no I dont need another wife!!! if you think you are invisible then have you as many wifes as you wish.
  • My husband has no desire to have another.
  • as a muslim i agrees it because ISLAM agrees it
  • strange way to write but as long as the wife too can have more than one yes it has to go all ways ... orgy time
  • Good question. I certainly do not wish to have more than one wife, for a variety of reasons. The main reason being that ONE is enough of a handful as it is! Seriously, there are a lot of emotional reasons I would not wish to have more than one wife. But I cannot in all honesty say I would strictly disapprove of multiple wives on general principle. One only has to look at the Bible (if you're Christian) to see a history of multiple wives with such people as Lamech, Abraham, Esau, Jacob, Solomon, David, Gideon, Ahab, and more. Though there is also a case to be made that God intended for only one man and one woman to be joined instead of one man and many women.
  • I don't know why a man would want to. I mean TWO women nagging on ya and dissapointed...he must be a glutton for punishment!!

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