• Yes its possible!! - Get a DNA test so you can get on with your parenting and live happily ..
  • Some babies have blue eyes @ birth but change during the next few days/weeks.... who do you suspect she was cheating...?!
  • Yes this is possible. It's all about genetics. When most children are born they have either blue or green eyes. That's just the way it works. Somewhere down the line a familymember has blue eyes. My dad has brown my mom has brown I have blue! My sister does as well, but she has a different dad than me. He doesn't have blue eyes either.
  • It's not usually the case, but it IS possible. I know a brown eyed couple with two blue eyed children. There is no doubt that they are his because they both look exactly like him.
  • YES! It is very possible.
  • Yes! It's all about genetics and recessive genes and things. It's totally possible. Is that the only reason you're unsure?
  • Yes it is possible. Blue eyes are recessive trait that could have been in both your families for generations. If you are really really not sure about the paternity of the child, get a DNA test. Also, how old is this child? If the child is still an infant, the eyes could still change colour.
  • According to the Stanford University School of Medicine genetics eye color predictor (link below), with brown eyed parents and grandparents, there is still a 1.8% chance of blue eyes, which in the genetic world is considered VERY common. A paternity test will clearly establish your fatherhood, but eye color is NOT an indicator.
  • Entirely possible. My husband has brown eyes and jet black hair, I have hazel eyes and brown/red hair. Our first child is a blond haired blue eyed boy! AND he is my husbands child without a doubt! IF in doubt get a DNA test ASAP.
  • Yes. Yes it is possible. Blue eyes are essentially a recessive trait so you could very easily carry the gene variant (allele) that gives blue eyes, but if you also carry the brown variant, which you clearly do, it would mask the blue one so you'd never know. And the same for your partner. So if you both unknowingly carried the blue allele your child could quite easily end up with blue eyes (there would be a 25% chance of this happening which is quite high).
  • It is possible. My dad has brown eyes and my mom has green eyes but my older brother has blue eyes.
  • If you are both heterozygous for Brown eyes, meaning you carry a recessive blue allele it is perfectly possible.
  • it's possible. The genetic characteristics can skip several generations. It's like the lottery. And then the real parent of a child is not one that provides the DNA but one who loves it and cares for it every day.
  • Yes, it's called a genetic throwback. It could be someone in your ancient family history had blue eyes or it could be that you and your partner have just the right combination of recessive genes to produce blue eyes.
  • yes it's possible, Blue is recessive. All the people you mention may have a recessive blue gene. a and your child ended up getting 2 blue genes and blue eyes.
  • There's a possibility. I'd insist on a DNA test so I don't end up paying child support on another man's child. If it turns out that it IS yours, do the right thing, pay the support and be a good father.
  • There are going to be some people on here who won't like this answer, but that's never stopped me before! Heh! The only 100% certain method of determining parentage is a DNA test, and even then those are sometimes fumbled by the lab. But why even ask such a question? A child is a child, regardless. That baby, regardless of who his or her father is, didn't ask to be here. They didn't cause this issue to come up, and should NEVER have to bear any of the responsibility for their own, perhaps unintended, existence. I realize that it takes a real man, with a lot of courage to step up and be responsible for what could easily be another man's child. But it's time we all got over that nonsense! What are we, still animals who only take care of their own young? Hell, even animals will often care for the young of another ... even the young of a differnt species. I would never be able to live with myself if I allowed a child to suffer in some way when I had the power to prevent it. I helped raise three children from my ex-wife's first marriage. Today, those grown children call me a blessing from God because I loved them when their own father wouldn't. They are kind, loving, responsible adults of whom I am very, very proud. And all five of my children love one another. Why? Because out of my love for them, I insisted!
  • How old is the child first off? My daughter was born with a grayish blue then they went to dark brown (like her dads) after 6 or 7 months. It is possible for a child to come out with blue eyes when the parents have brown... I would get a DNA test done if you have doubt. Better be safe that sorry.
  • I have brown eyes, my entire family has brown eyes (save my grandmother, she has blue) and my ex-husband's entire family has brown eyes... We have 2 kids together: 1 has beautiful blue eyes and the other has mesmerizing green eyes... there is a 0% chance that these are not our biological children. It is VERY possible for your child(ren) to have different eye color than you and the mother. Pay the cash to get a DNA test, cheap ass. And can I ask why you categorized this question under Fraternal Organizations????
  • Do you love the child. If you do, it's yours. If not, what the hell's the matter with you?
  • Yes that is possible. I would only go about getting a DNA test if you suspect her of cheating, do u trust her? If u question yourself about that then I would take steps to find out. If not then don't, those kids are most likely yours then.
  • You are aware that certain traits can skip generations, aren't you? If there are no blue-eyed ancestors on your side and none on your wife's side, then it could still be an anomaly and not that she cheated on you. Apparently you do not love this child because if you did you would move heaven and earth to keep him and not throw him away..yes, you would be throwing him away. Why? Because you want to get out of child support? Because you want to punish your wife? How is any of that your child's fault? I would search my conscience and my motives before I did something so potentially hurtful to an innocent child.
  • Yes it is. My sister has brown eyes and so does each one of us up to my grandmother. My brother-in-law has brown eyes and so does all his family and my niece has the bluest eyes ever with blond hair and she's mixed. Part Caucasian(Her dad) and My sister is Black/German really light-skin. Plus my sister had blond hair when we were smaller too. So, genes can skip many generations. Because my niece could have easily been dark-skin since that too runs in our family. My grandmothers grandfather had blue eyes as well as on my nieces fathers side. So, yes it's all genetics. Your kids won't always have your physical traits.
  • Yes. My daughter has beautiful eyes, yet everyone on my side of the family has brown. Her mom's family has brown eyes also.

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