• Yes, they spanked me occasionally, and I don't think I'm grateful or resentful - I did something I was told not to do, and that was the consequence. People need to learn that they must take responsibility for their own actions, and everything in life has a consequence. If you know about that consequence in advance and it then happens to you, you can hardly complain.
  • yes;and very grateful
  • yes they did and that is what is wrong with society today - parents don't spank their kids enought these days!
  • Yes, and on those few occasions I knew I had it coming. I suppose I'm grateful because it showed me what happened if I went too far with my actions. I'm not one of those people consider myself perfect and having never deserved it.
  • Yes and im very very grateful it kept me on the straight and narrow:)
  • I remember getting spanked three times (probably a low number compared to most), but I always thought it unjust because as a kid, I always thought I was in the right. I turned out OK though.
  • yes, glad they did, also i was grounded half of my pre teen years..... spanking as a child, well i was a very bad kid. always breaking stuff, bringing bad grades
  • resentful. She wouldnt just spank me it was somewhat abusive. A shoe, wire hanger or anything. I was scared of my mom and when I had kids, I vowed to be different. I am. I think communication or lack of privileges works best. A little smack on the bottom doesnt hurt either, as long as one doesnt do it when they are really angry.
  • Spank me???????? My mum would be arrested for the physical punishment she dished out to me and my sister!!! No I'm not resentful at all. (Not sarcasm)
  • Niether way because i dont think its affected how i have turned out but with angry kids who always misbehave sometimes spanking is the only thing that works when the kid is so angry or violent he doesnt take any notice of what you say, but at least a smack forces the kid to control himself and can be the only way to do this and conditions the child. Although I only agree with it when the kid is in a state where its hard for the adult to have any control.
  • I'm grateful that my parents spanked me. It taught me discipline and right from wrong.
  • Since the spanking was very brief and only one hit in the rear with a fly swatter or for more serious offenses, a wide wooden salad spoon, it was no big deal. Most of the time we would finally listen as she went for the drawer where the spoon was. I am sorry to hear some other answers where the action was clearly abuse.
  • Its no biggie anymore when I think back on it.
  • Yes, and not nearly as much as I deserved yo...:)
  • Yes, being the typical domineering, old-fashioned Asian father, my Dad did, and I resented it. Still do. I don't think children should be physically punished. It didn't do me any good----it leaves an emotional scar for life. I have never laid a finger on my young children, and they still manage to listen well and are well-rounded.
  • If you call getting thrown down brick stairs chased with a hammer or getting punched in the face a spanking... Then yeah, they did. Am I better for it? No, Probably not...
  • Yes I was spanked, as late as 18 years old and engaged to be married LOL!!!! I was never resentful and always understood why it was happening and felt my parents were disciplining me appropriately.
  • My grandparents, who raised me from infancy to the age of 12, never spanked me. My father, who raised me from 12 until I left home at about 23, used his fists on me. I am not really grateful for either approach.
  • mine spanked me very hard with a belt and if i cared now i would resent it. but i think it was just for the venting and only helped them just like everything else they did it never helped me only them except for the clothing feeding and shelter i appreciated that but i do that for my kids because i love them not for appreciation
  • Occasionally. And no. There are far more important and more influential things to think about.
  • I was spanked, and I was grateful.
  • Parents that spank their children, think they did well! But do you sit down over a cup of tea and laugh about How they spanked you (I don’t think so) All it taught me is how to be cruel to people that can’t fight back, The good news is I only use those valuable lessons on them, Now that they cannot fight me back I treat them in the cruel way they deserve When they cry I laugh at them and call them big crybabies I think it is called “karma” or is it revenge:)
  • My dad has never done that, but my mom yes(a few times like 3 or 4). I'm nor grateful or resentful.we talk about it and we laugh about it. Its just a sweet memory of childhood reminding me the things I've done.

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