• I actually have this same question! But mine is with my gas meter. It hasn't been reading gas usage for 2 months. I know from past experience, they will charge you for electricity. What I've seen them do, is average the last 3-6 bills, and add the difference from the last 14 months. Hopefully you don't have NIPSCO, because that is what will happen. Other suppliers may be different. Luckily I have alternate heating source, and my gas alone has never been over 20 bucks, so I will be ok if they try and charge me...
  • Dont leave a fowarding address,shut up,and run.
  • Hell I just wanna know how you did it!!!
  • ruh roh .....somebody is a cheater, and the poop is about to hit the fan
  • Not receiving a bill should have sent you a red flag. Yes, its still yours to pay.
  • They will estimate your bill. I'm surprised the electric co. hasn't caught it yet!
  • have no idea, thats weird, never heard of that happening

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