• America. :D
  • I'm partial to America. We have so much variety among our 50 states. My favorite is Hawaii..Honolulu specifically. But I've lived in California most of my life and also lived in Massachusetts for 5 years..two great states. I've visited Colorado, Oregon, Nevada, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania and was born in Michigan..they all have a lot of great stuff to see...and of course all our other states that I haven't been to personally but have seen enough to know I love 'em too. So, how about America? It comes in 50 different flavors! If you like variety you're sure to get it here! :)
  • ireland! we have alot in common with the danes if you get homesick! its way better then america!
  • Canada
  • the united states is very beautiful and has much to offer. personally, i enjoy the diverse, stimulating culture of metropolitan areas that are in close proximity to forests and mountains with access to water ~ i found that place in washington dc. but there are many such places here. i am also very fond of beaches ~ and hawaii is my favorite beachy state. ive traveled to or lived in most of the states ~ and i enjoyed washington and california immensely also. but i have to say that costa rica is actually my favorite place on earth. the rainforests and the beaches are unbelievably breathtaking. i had bought a home there with my ex, but i gave it up after i left the relationship. but i hope to live there again in the future.
  • I like Denmark & Sweden, that is were my came from !! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Why on Earth would you want to move away from Denmark? My wife spent time there during high school and wishes she could go back to live. Having to choose however, New Zealand would make a good place.
  • SCOTLAND! Because I live there(well when im not fighting)! And Bishopbriggs(where I live) is the best place to raise a family in Britian fact! We also have lots of history and our landscape rules!!
  • Why do wanna move away from Denmark? In my eyes Denmark is the greatest country in the world. probably because I'm Danish :P But a nice place to move to would be California ;)
  • If you have money you might find a country where it will go far and live a good life there. If you want to work to earn money you might find a place like Dubai. It all depends on what you are looking for.

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