• Well I'm a parent but my son is 2 Years old so I would say NO!. haha but I look back at when I was 16-20 and my dad said no. I was upset at the time but thank him now cause I could be in a really bad place right now if he said yes.
  • his girlfriend. Their is plural and would be correct if two or more sons asked if their girlfriend (or girlfriends) could stay the night
  • When my sons were teenagers they used to want to do that but my husband said no. He said if they're old enough to want all the trappings of adulthood let them get their own place. I was more easy-going and would have allowed it, but maybe he was right after all? You may give out signals that say morality and commitment are not big issues - but they are, in the end. At the end of the day, your morals and values are what you will pass on so its a very individual decision - but bear in mind we all have to fit in with society too.
  • im not a parent yet but im 20 and my parents never let my boyfriend stay over (untill he moved away from me and when he visitred he was aloweed 2 stay down stairs, but soon moved into the bedroom- in the end my parents got used to it i was 15/16) anyway his dad also would not let me stay in the same room as him when i visited! it upset me and it meant we had to sneak around a lot, if they would have let us share a bed we would have had a better nights sleep and we wouldnt have had to sneak out at stupid hours of the night! saying that when i eventually become a mother of a teenager i probably still wouldnt let them share a room. untill it was a serious/long term thing and he trated her/him well) i met someone at the age of 16 and four years later i am still with that person, he was always aloweed to share my bed, prehaps my parents realised they couldnt stop us being together!
  • I am not a parent, but speculating on my parents' obvious reactions, I would say that my mother would not agree, as she finds things like this inappropriate. (She won't even let my friends sleep over, even if they are the same sex as me). Perhaps this is not the place to report this, but your question needs revision.
  • Oh Hell No.
  • Sure when you get your own house she can stay with you all you want, until then hell no.
  • So what did you do ?
  • I have 2 boys, if they asked me this my answer would be .......when hell freezes over!
  • I would first ask why. If her parents were going to be out of town and she had no other place to stay, I would tell him she could stay and share a room with me and he could sleep with his father. Otherwise NO.
  • My kids do it all the time, Separate rooms.
  • I would say, "let me have her parent's number and talk to them about it, and we will come to a mutual decision."
  • my son wouldn't ask, he has too much respect for his dad and me
  • This is why I'm certain that I'd be an awesome father. I'd tell my kid that I'll be listening in, and if it doesn't sound like he's doing a good enough job I'll barge in there and show him and his date some homemade videos of his mother and I. Ahh, I'm hilarious.
  • lol if i ever have kids id let her stay over but no sleep for me!

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