• Somewhere close to the Land of Nod, where the pagans were. After all, Cain left the presence of Yahweh, went to the Land of Nod, and took a wife there. Support the return of the avatar:
  • of course they did how do you think humans were created?....for the record i dont believe, i just felt like giving a legitimate answer.
  • When he (God) expelled the man, he settled him east of the garden of Eden. (Genesis 3:24) With love in Christ.
  • In the weed strewn bush outside the limits of the garden of Eden...with all the bities and problems...
  • have no idea, didnt know they were banished
    • pugwashjw65
      The Bible answers this clearly...they were ejected from the garden and two angels with swirling swords were positioned to stop them re-entering...and from then on they had to look after themselves and suffer privations and eventual death...Mankind then was limited to a thousand years of life. or less, as per Methuselah...Genesis 5; 1-4. Before this. if they had been obedient, they would never have grown old and died... Genesis 2: 16,17
  • Here is a "lost book of the Bible" explaining what happened to Adam and Eve.
  • A 3rd story walk-up on the Lower East Side.
  • You could say it's why every creation story in the world has humans "coming to Earth" on various crafts or creatures.

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