• Many times...but always after dark. I live in such a small community and neighbors are few and far in-between...I have no shame.
  • I'll go out and get the mail in my boxers...
  • Not quite, but a few years ago I nipped out in just a pair of boxer shorts and a t-shirt to get something from my car. My feet were bare too, and there was around four inches of snow on the ground,but I was only going to be a few seconds (or so I thought). My next-door neighbour caught me, and proceeded to talk non-stop for about three quarters of an hour, all the while wrapped in a t-shirt, a shirt, a jumper, and a heavy jacket. I had not long moved there and didn't want to be impolite, but every time I tried to leaver he would start another conversation...
  • yeah & completely naked, but we lived in the country at the I wasn't concerned.
  • I've walked out in less. My back yard is private enough that clothing would be optional, if not for the bugs and thorns.
  • I've walked out wearing nothing quite a few times, but then again, I've always lived way out in the boonies with no neighbors or just a few neighbors as I live now.
  • Only in my nightmares.
  • Yes, to put some trash in the garbage can one night, and I accidentally got locked out. The worst part was to get to the hidden key, I had to set off three motion sensors that lit up 6 x100 watt halogen flood lights, exposing me to the world. :-)
  • No, not in this day and age when every phone is a camera
  • I used to skinny-dip in my backyard pool everyday. Does that count?! ;-)
  • When I lived in the bush I used to all the time or, with no clothes on the odd occasion. Now we are surrounded so not so often.
  • I took the trash to the curb early one morning wearing just a t shirt and boxer-briefs. I didn't think anyone else would be outside that early. When I turned to head back inside I heard my neighbor from across the street call out "NICE OUTFIT!" as she was getting in her car.
  • Yes, sometimes wearing even less :)
  • No I can honestly say I have never done that. LMAO! But if I wish I could have caught you doing it. What a good time that could be. LMAO!!! Sweet! :-) LOL invis. +5
  • Yes, and even walked out wearing nothing at all many times. In fact, I even sunbathed in the nude outside my home
  • I most certainly have. I have even chased the dog down the street in my drawers. Thank God it was the early hours of the a.m., or I might have scared the nieghbors.
  • yeah, to get the mail. my neibor gave me shit about it too, the sob. He was like what'd ya do, read a book about how to always be urself or something? So I explained that i was slightly hungover and expecting an important package. ... When i said the word "important package" he busted up laughing again. bastard. What's the big deal?
  • Well much as I hate to admit I am bad about leaving my dry cleaning in the vehicle and waiting til the next morning to get it. *sigh* I really need to work on that.
  • Never!

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