• Take the cat to a vet. You need to rule out eye infection. Dogs and cats get a form of pink-eye, while not contagious to you (a human I imagine), it is spreadable to other animals and they can reinfect themselves over and over and over again. further its highly uncomfortable for the critter. There are other infections as well as other disorders. While I am all for the treatment of ills and diseases through natural routes, determining what that illness is is needed first in order to know which treatment to apply. Even herbal remedies can back fire and lead to complications if given for the wrong diagnosis. Thus I suggest you take the cat to a vet, have the affected eye(s) looked before randomly dosing the cat.
  • Yes you prob need to go to vet but for tonight wipe her eyes with a damp paper towel and then dry them. Thats what I do for my baby.
  • maybe you should take him to the vet

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