• I have a few. I don't go nuts over them or anything. I suppose if it were an engagement ring I would like it a lot :)
  • I had a couple, one I gave back and the other I gave away.
  • To Andy Ninja:
  • They are okay if they have great value, sentimental value. I love my engagement ring/wedding ring set. But just as a stone in a ring, it could be more interesting or colorful than just a plain diamond.
  • I do. I never understood the fasination until my dad's ex gave me the ring my dad gave her. It is 3/4 caret marquee cut and I absolutely love it. The first week I wore it, I couldn't keep my eyes off of it.
  • I think they are boring, I would rather have color.
  • I love the ONE I have on my finger! :)
  • I love to admire them, but I am not crazy about wearing them because I am always putting my hands in dish water or cleaning something and washing my hands and putting lotion on that I get them dirty. My husband loves them more than me, he has everyone at the Reeds store here thinking I am spoiled and I don't even ask for them. But they are pretty and I wear them mostly only on Sundays to church or when we go out somewhere. I am not getting his money's worth out of them. But they are beautiful. I wonder what he will buy me next....??
  • Who doesn't!!
  • i do. only have one and will wear it always. even if i were to divorce my husband i would wear it still but on another finger.
  • If it was a engagement diamond ring....yes I would like it...but really wouldn't wear any other diamond ring....I like diamond stud earrings; and wear them every day.

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