• It's safer, but it would not earn any interest at all. I know the interest given by banks is small, but I'd rather have that than none at all. Besides, it's easier for me to control my expenses if my money is in the bank. It kinda restricts my access to my money.
  • Not with my wife around no.
  • I was beginning to think so, but the NZ government has given us a very nice assurance that our money is guaranteed, all of it, if the banks should take a falter, apparently they are not tied into the sub prime mortgages as in USA, so our banks are trading under a different structure. I see Australian Govt have guarantedd $20,000 ( or was that $40.000) to investors in banks there,.
  • It is only safer, in that it won't be worth zero, like some investments can. However, guaranteed savings accounts are just as safe, and will allow your money to increase. If you keep it under the mattress, it automatically shrinks every year, because of inflation.
  • The way banking and capital market finance situation is moving ,I think it's the safest place to keep money now.
  • Yes, but it is still exposed to erosion from inflation.
  • It depends on whether or not the mattress has springs in it...
  • Will it really come to that??
  • Some times I think so.... but the FDIC insures each acount for $100,000 so unless you have more then that in the bank you are safe

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