• Im gonna go with Platinum.
    • Roaring
      That would be my guess too.
  • I will go for Iron because nothing is more important than iron because of its usefulness.
  • The higher the atomic number (mass) usually positively correlates with the monetary value at a given weight. This is due to the amount of investments (time, capital, money & expertise) that is utilize to research and produce any substantial amount of an element. According to, Ununoctium (Uuo 118) as it currently stands, has the highest atomic number (mass) and therefore can be considered as the most valuable element (ie: price per given unit) although there is no further information regarding commercial value. It must be noted that the current Periodic Element Table is not fully complete (and likely will never be) as newer technologies are being constantly developed to produce elements with greater atomic numbers (mass).
  • Mexican Pesos. You can get like a million of them for one USD

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