• Remember that the "Bale out" is not being *given* to the banks, but being used to buy bank assets or preferred stock in the bank. Most of that money is expected to be got back within a few years. So that $300,000 would be a loan, at interest, repayable within 2-5 years.
  • True that and, today, I heard something on the radio that was so utterly stupid that I had to laugh: someone was saying that the only reason why the economy is in shambles is because people are saving their money instead of spending it. The national consumer debt is over 800B (something that the bailout could have covered) because people are saving their money? WTF? Apparently, these people making that statement live on the Moon!
  • Of the 350 billion left in the fund dividing it by a humble 300 million approx US Pop. get you approx 1,166.67. Your number again using 300 million * 300 k = or is $90,000,000,000,000.00 we can't do that. 90 trillion dollars.

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