• I am in NYC. It is about 35 degrees... We had flurries this morning... But it never really "snows" here. Nothing sticks.
  • I'm a brit but I spent last xmas there. OMG, I loved it. It was beautiful.
  • Out in Alberta Canada and yes it's chilly snows mostly melted (2nd snowfall of the year) Not sure 3 degrees celsius
  • I'm in Florida and it is cold for us. It will be in the 30's tonight. Tuesday 63° F | 34° F 17° C | 1° C Wednesday 59° F | 36° F 15° C | 2° C
  • It was 21 degrees this morning and snowing when I woke up... I live in Virginia.
  • I'm in Dekalb, IL. Its about 30 degrees right now. We've seen flurries, but no real snow, but you know that. You've probably seen the same weather as me.
  • Hey neighbor......I'm just outside of Milwaukee, WI and it's cold........was 18 on the car thermometer a couple hours ago. Got icy last night......
  • Down to 28ish last night in Kansas City. I lived in Chicagoland for 10 years, and hated the weather./
  • im in oklahoma and well it just depends on the day. we've had a couple cold days in the 30s and then there have been quite a few in the 70s. the weather cant make up its mind down here.
  • You wimp...try a winter in the Dakotas. You don't know what cold is. LOL
  • Freeeezing. Snow flurries last night and it was about 28 F. I'm in VA.
  • The high in Los Angeles today was about 80 degrees. Unseasonably warm. Don't move here, though; it's too crowded already and the state is broke. Taxes are ridiculous and going to get worse.
  • hi, sexy C, yepper it's cold here in the chi-town ... wanna snuggle ... LoLz ... ^_^
  • I'm in Nova Scotia, Canada and today it was 3 degrees celius. However, last weekend we were basking in the heat. Sunday it was 21 degrees. A little above normal for this part of the country but it was great while it lasted.
  • It's cold here but not as cold as in some places. but a few days ago it was 60 so who knows. I live in AR and trust don't want to live here. Wages suck, job market sucks and prices are just as expensive as they are in other places
  • Dallas forcast for tomorrow. Sunny with high 75-low 46. Daytime highs supposed to drop to mid 50's by end of week but lows still in the 40's. It gets kind of cold but doesn't stay bad for long. We're about 650 miles south of you. Summers, however, are a bitch!
  • Kazoo, MI, 2 hours away from Chicagoland; we had 'lake effect snow' from Holland, MI to Three Rivers, MI (but 1 hour N in Grand Rapids didn't get any, on has melted some, as it was sunny parts of the past 2 days, but it is quite cold. The cold I dress for (3 layers on top, 2 on bottom, and fingerless gloves as I type), but the gray can't really be helped however. It was pretty in the woods: a regular winter wonderland. My AZ cat who gets to go in and out found it too cold in the time I was typing...he sat outside the window, but then wanted back in.... Back in Tucson, 86°F Current: Clear Wind: N at 3 mph Humidity: 11% Thu 83°F | 49°FFri 79°F | 49°FSat 77°F | 49°FSun 77°F | 50°F But the summers are literally in Hell...100+. Phoenix is usually 10 degrees hotter, which is nice in winter when the mountain altitude of Tucson causes about 30 nights of frost over 3 months, but icky in summer.
  • So Cal. It's been between 80 and 90 degrees and dry for the last three weeks. We do have a lot of fires in the fall, but just don't live on any hills and you'll be fine. BTW, we'd welcome you with open arms, Sexy C!
  • It's tough all over In houston we barely made the mid 70's today

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