• mmmm, I dont, I dont think we should lie to our kids...even though its all in good fun, it just doesnt sit well with me. I dont think our kids need to know everything, but I dont think we should intentionally lie to them for 7-10 years of their little lives.
  • I think that it adds a little mystery and makes Christmas that much more wondrous when Santa is believed in. I can understand why some wouldn't want to, but I'd feel like I was taking something away from mine if I told them the truth.
  • It's a fun story to tell, a traditional one at that..and a good way to get them to bed early. But it is lieing, and it's not good to lie to your children. I would still tell my kids anyway :)
  • Yes. Keep the whimsy and magic alive for as long as possible.
  • yes i think we should all try with the little children more. just like all stories told to children, it s not the fact that the stories may not be true. it is all good for the development of a childs imagination tooth fairy jack and the beanstalk cinderella all great stories that i recommend to all kids its a shame that it seems too many kids are told too many truths about our world. to let a child enjoy his or her imaginary world of santa flying round in his sleigh with reindeers is a beautiful story to cherish forever.
  • Each parent has to make up his/her mind how to handle this. For me personally, I grew up believing in Santa Claus, the Tooth Fairy and the Easter Bunny. I loved all of it. I raised my son believing in those things as well. Neither of us were traumatized to discover these things were loving "tall tales". But as I said parents have to decide what kind of childhood they want for their children..a little fantasy and make-believe or "tell it like it is" from the get-go! :) Happy Sunday. :)
  • I told my daughter there was a Man who did kind deeds for the orphans a long time ago and that people like to keep the tradition going...I told her the truth on everything from day one. I personally didn't appreciate being lied to when I was small and I didn't want to pass that on...Our christmas were just as exciting with her knowing mommy and daddy loved her enough to buy her these things. Same with the easter me, it didn't damage her imagination skills one bit....
  • I think kids should be allowed to believe in santa for a period of time, but I think we should be careful not to keep it going for too long, as we risk this being a cause of bullying at school, when they are the only remaining believers. A friend of mine believed in santa until the age of 11, and she really suffered for it.
  • I think most kids figure it out on thier own to be honest... My mom never told me I just kinda figured it out...
  • its one of those fables where the kid has to figuire out the answer. putting out cookies and milk for santa isnt a bad thing. I tell people, Christmas is everyday. we have a gift we want to share. ourselves.
  • I see now good side in Parents Lying to their children. How can they teach their children not to lie when that are? and how can the children learn to respect and believe their parents in the future? I'm sorry but I have to say this boldly. I disagree with it completely

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