• Pretty much all sports have a male-dominant origin. Anthropologically, competetitive games were played by men, as preparation for battle: Rather than "getting the most points" - the objective was usually to play as long and hard as possible, to build up stamina and speed. Fast forward to the gunpowder era, where those traits became somewhat less important - sports began shift into an entertainment-form. Then feminist movements pushed for women and girls to have equal opporunities to play sports, leading to WNBA, LPGA, etc... However, most American sports are still typically testosterone-oriented: Crouds cheering for hockey fights, and shouting-matches between the coach and the umpire; gawking at cheerleaders who have nothing to do with the actual game. I don't know if football is particularly sexist, I guess that's a matter of opinion.
  • I know a lot of tough women but I don't know one that I would want to see out on the field with some of those HUGE linemen. I have been teaching martial arts for 50 years and was one of the first people to ever start teaching girls. Not the fancy forms but the actual fighting. Girls are awesome. Tougher and more determined than the boys. And, they listen. A pleasure to teach and watch compete.
  • I think they patronize women myself. Teams offer "classes" for women to learn the game and sell pink jerseys made for women. Yet you'll never hear one mention of WNBA or other womens sports on sports talk shows and its barely a blip on ESPN.
  • 7-26-2017 No, the American spectators are sexist against women, and the sports business (it's not an industry) caters to the spectators. There are some sports where spectators like to see women, but even there sex is the first consideration. For example, in ice skating the males skate face first and the females skate fanny first. The males wear conservative clothing and the females wear clothing that exposes the legs and is colored to appear to expose much more. Sex is the most important fact of human life, after being sure the building is not on fire. Get used to it.

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