• You see, this is a question I like. I find it ridiculous that most Christians believe that God is all powerful, but they find it hard to believe in evolution. If I was God, I wouldn't want to do that much work, so I'd layout a plan that did it for me. In short, yes I believe that God could be responsible for creating the process of evolution.
  • No. There is no evidence for any god.
  • I think God created a set of laws and watches over it but let's things take it's natural course. It was only till we came alone that screwed it up because we are ALWAYS trying to change God's laws. Why do you think that man man relationships (marriage) is causing such a's not natural I don't care who you are or what you say.
  • No. There is no reason for me to think that God is responsible for anything.
  • typical this is,him always getting the credit for creating this or creating that,no one seems to care about the input i put in & the hours i slogged on making some of his visions actually work,its always the same the top guy gets the glory & the little grafter next to him gets the lookover,i tell you next time someone wants a hand with wordly ideas & notions of creating an image in the form of themselves, they can bloody well forget it, yours truly mike the 14th apostle
  • If not him, who?
  • There is no need for anybody to be responsible for evolution. It is not something that needs to be pushed, it is something that is going to happen unless something happens to stop it. If evolution *didn't* happen, you might suspect the hand of God. Indeed, one thing that some people hope for from God is an eternal, changeless, heaven. This will save them from the fact that the world is continually getting more complicated and they cannot keep up.
  • No. An intelligent designer wouldn't approach the design of organisms in such an ass-backwards way.
  • I'm gonna paraphrase my last answer. Indirectly... Through man.
  • As it applies to my own personal definition of God, I would have to say yes. For me, God is not a big guy with a beard, or a bright light in the sky or anything like that. I consider the universe and the laws of physics to be God. Or vice-versa. If things like gravity, the speed of light, and the initial conditions of spontaneous creation of living organisms are part of that, then the ability to evolve is as well. Sorry for another vague and philosophical answer, KDP.
  • Nope according to scripture, BAM! there it was, you can't tie it together like that, whats written is written.
  • Yes. God made the planet and left it to it's own devises, but still checks up on us now and again. He's probably in the process of building another galaxy right now actually.
  • Yes. Also the laws of physics that made life, and for that matter, the physical universe, possible. They're all a part of His Toolkit.
  • If you want anything to be sustainable, you need to give it the ability to repair itself and adapt. Can you think of anything more elegantly adaptable than the evolutionary process? Computer scientists doing cutting edge AI research are now just starting to use the most primitive evolutionary concepts to automatically improve their programs and let them adapt to changing circumstances. Regardless of whether you view God as a person, a concept or nothing, you can appreciate the beauty of the evolutionary process.
  • Short answer, yes. I believe it's entirely possible that the grand design of all things could be the process of evolution carefully monitored and influenced by an outside source.
  • I have absolutely no idea, kdp. I do believe in evolution but I also have my occasional "conversations" with God..I have no problem holding those views..I don't think they have to be exclusionary at all..but whether they are related causally I don't know! Happy Friday! :) ((hugs))

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