• i saw lady in the water..i fell asleep in the first 15 minutes was bad.
  • Have to agree with big, Lady in the Water was horrible, even I yawned throught it.
  • "A Scanner Darkly" is up there...and Philip K. Dick is an excellent writer so I dont know what happened between his book and this screenplay.
  • Basic Instinct 2
  • Nacho Libre - i know some of it was funny.. but the trailer showed all the best bits and i was left really disappointed watching the whole film
  • Napoleon Dynamite! I don't see how it became so popular.* *Turns out this movie wasn't even released in '06. Sorry.
  • Just thought of another film soooo bad that we couldnt watch- and we tend to watch any film through to give it a chance: HOSTEL.
  • Every movie made in 2006. Actually I rarely watch movies or tv so I really couldn't say, but most movies today are disappointing I think.
  • I really didn't enjoy Superman Returns, too long and boring. I didn't see many movies this year so it was the worst movie for me. I'm sure there is a whole lot worst out there.
  • The Da Vinci Code
  • The Benchwarmers was awful.
  • the dukes of hazard wit jessica simspon,I just did not like it.They make daisy duke seem real stupid when she was not.
  • For me, the new Pirates of the Carribean movie was a HUGE let-down. I went to see the premiere at midnight (which was sold out where I live) and I was already half-asleep, but I did not follow ANY of the plot. I couldn't understand the dialogue. All I knew was everybody wanted this key thing to open some sort of chest and then octopus man would come in and be mean. Johnny Depp was hysterical, but Orlando Bloom failed to show any emotion or any understanding of his character.
  • I think they were all competing for worst movie of the year. I was disappointed with most of the ones I watched including Superman returns. Lately, I've been nostalgic for classic movies, so I've been renting and watching all the Gregory Peck classics.
  • The Wicker Man.....This re-make SUCKS! But they used quality film, I guess thats a bonus. Will also make you more afraid of women, if you are already.
  • The worst I saw was "Silent Hill". It was a spectacularly bad attempt at being a spooky psychological thriller, with a predictable and ridiculously derivative plot (sort of gluing together bits from The Wicker Man, Sixth Sense and various other horror/ thriller films), a botched !quick we're running out of film" ending and ridiculous characters.
  • Any Tim Burton movie...For the most part any way.

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