• Unless you want to ditch the AGP and move up to PCIe, I'd forget about trying to improve both the mobo and CPU. The CPU alone, for the socket of your board, sure. AGP is a dying technology though. Eventually you're going to be swapping out the mobo AND that beloved AGP. Chances are pretty good, that by that time, you'll also have to pony out for a new socket type CPU to fit the new board. See where I'm going? Holding onto that AGP and doing your upgrade now, will cost more than later.Probably almost double. My advice, if the CPU is something horrible like a celeron 1.7, upgrade that alone and wait out the technology wars a bit longer. I wouldn't go overboard with say, an extreme, but keep it reasonable. Same goes if this is an AMD we're talking about. If you were t go out an get a dual core baord and CPU (yes, there are a couple that support AGP, but not many) How long before that AGP isn't up to snuff? Now you've got a whack of hardware to upgrade at big dollars to replace the big money you just spent.
  • honestly I'm not being a smart a**, but they stopped making them about 2 years ago. agp and plain ddr are almost obsolete. if you want modern stuff you will need at least a mb, ram, cpu, and if you want a v-card. I can't figure out what would be 'a great agp card' compared to pciex16 1.0 or 2.0????? this is like comparing a hut in Guam to a million dollar mansion in so cal
  • look for Asrock Dual motherbaord it has ddr2 and ddr slots pci-e and agp on its motherboard and u can put a q6600 on it..or any other cpu with a fsb of 1066

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