• Yes I do, I like to try alittle of everything.
  • No, It's not worth it when one taco fills you up.
  • I dont like going because I dont like the idea of so many other people getting their germs on the food. And you never know how fresh it is etc.
  • Yes, I do. They are nearly always cheaper than regular restaurants, and we usually go with a large group of people who want the full range of choices. We have twice as many children as adults, and the buffet is more family friendly.
  • When it comes to Chinese buffet's I many choices...
  • It depends on the setting. There is a Chinese restaurant nearby that has really good food, but I won't eat at the buffet special from 5-7 because I've seen people come in and let their kids grab food without using the utinsels, and found food all over the buffet station. I've been to other Chinese buffets where there is always staff around cleaning the area so I feel better about eating there.
  • We occasionally go to a Chinese buffet. It has a great selection of food and allows for seconds of your favorites. However, we try to get there as soon as it opens as the food is freshest and has not been standing in the warming trays for long.
  • Yes, so you can get only what you want and limit the amount you eat.
  • Hubby like to go because he hates to wait for his food, rather go buffet style because it ready when hes ready. I like it because they all have nice green salad that I can build up my style. We go to 3 different ones in our area on Fridays, Home town, Sizzler's and a place called Yuba buffet which is mostly Chinese with some America for the kids and they have rules that no kids under 10 with out parents near food, and someone is always cleaning area and refreshing food, plus great service. Price is cheaper than other two places also.
  • i like them if they have a high turnaround other wise the food sits there for hours
  • I aint gonna lie i aint picky and well people get sick faster on the fast food then buffet, i say
  • I used to go a lot when I worked on the road every day with someone else. It was easier than deciding between us where to eat. I haven't worked there in a few years and have lost about 15 pounds. Too much buffet = too much belly
  • It depends, I guess. I usually don't because I can get a meal that fills me up for half the price. I hate paying $11.99 and only eating a little semi-warm food. If I know who runs the restaurant, then it's ok. But some of those places are gross and I've seen people sneezing in the food and picking their noses...ugh. Disgusting!
  • I like them, but I quit going, because I would eat more than I should and that is gross and wrong and unhealthy for me.
  • I do NOT like going to them. I always eat way too much and feel like I need to be taken to my car in a wheel barrow!!! I hate that feeling, but I do it when I go to buffets, so no buffets for me!
  • Not a fan - usually crappy food that's been sitting there for hours.
  • only if they are VERY clean restaurants, otherwise it kind of grosses me out
  • Not really.Others may have scratched their ass before touching the food.

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