• I'm all for it. The faster we can get bright kids out of public schools, the better. The smart kids rot their brains in public schools, especially during their senior year. Community college courses aren't more difficult than good AP courses.
  • Well I gradumicated after 10th grade because I attended eleven different schools that a variation of teachers.Some of the schools were advanced so it's like the people getting straight a's in one school were making c's in the other.I attended school for 13 years.
  • If they have the apptitude and maturity then it is fine, we all develop at different rates.
  • My friend and his brother both got accepted into (good) colleges after 10th grade. They just blew off the rest of high school. My friend got a masters degree in engineer and made many many millions of dollars with Internet startup companies. His brother went to medical school and worked as a doctor for a long time. Eventually the medical field burned him out and he decided to take a break and try something else. So he went to the local culinary academy and tried to enroll. They said they needed to see his high school diploma, which he never received. He tried to show them his medical degree, but they had strict rules about needing to have a copy of his high school diploma on file. Eventually he found an image of a HS diploma online, "doctored" it up in photoshop to put his name one it, and now he's a chef. That doesn't really answer your question, but I thought it was a funny story. Sorry.
  • Providing they have learned the necessary "stuff" to make them successful in college..that's fine with me. But to graduate kids at that age and simply dump them on society..well, we already have about 1/4 our kids not graduating from high school. What kind of lives can they expect in this time without substantial education? They will be limited to menial, low-paying jobs the rest of their lives..struggling to get by..struggling to do right by their kids. If not a 4-year college..then some kind of additional education so one can earn a decent living...woodshop, autoshop,computer stuff..whatever. :) We need experts in many repair, computer repair, home improvement..who will do this if we don't educate our kids to become proficient in something so they lead useful, productive lives? :)
  • I think it's stupid, they won't fit in at college P.S.: I am pretty sure that we r really close in age =]
  • If they have reached the point that they know all the data to be presented in the 11th and 12th grades, why should they just hang around, become bored and stagnated, and probably get turned off all together. Far better to put them into a situation where they will be stimulated to learn more. The last thing that this world needs is to turn off the brilliant kids so that the mediocre ones become our future.
  • They're tryin' to keep the economy strong at the expense of their future. Axe
  • I am sure I could have past the GED in 7th grade because I have seen the test, and Peter Griffin could pass that test ( you know he's technically retarded). but high school is free and yea sometimes it sucks, but take advantage of it. I had friends that elected to take pottery for 3 hours a day, non of them are in the pottery business, and what did they learn?. I elected to challenge myself and take classes like anatomy, physics and calculus, and while I don't necessarily use them on a daily basis I learned how to think because of that, an ability that I use constantly.
  • I have to chuckle, my son is in year 10 at school ( he is 14) and he has a graduation dinner in December,. which for NZ is very unusual, he is attending a junior high school, so next year starts a new school the senior high school, whic whill take him to the end of his school years, so I guess he has to graduate from this school now.........
  • I think that a movement to push the immature into a college environment is downright dangerous. It is part-and-parcel to other radical "educational" agendas intended to marginalize the importance of family and to elevate the State. The concept of advancing those with TRULY higher intelligence has always been around. My folks resisted pressure to have me skip grades all through my primary and secondary school years. I knew of several others in my hometown who graduated high school in their Junior year ... and I am talking nearly fifty years ago! So the basic concept is nothing new. The underlying politics most certainly is.

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