• Sometimes, the angel is called Uriel. It is a nameless Cherubim in the text, though.
  • The reason I ask is because my son has a childrens bible with illistrations and he told us the name of that angel was Darrell, because he looked like a "Darrell". I was just wondering if the angel had a name, because the King James we have does not mention one and I wanted to be able to let him know if he was calling him by the right name.
  • The only one that MIGHT be that angel is Urael, who is the fire of God. Though Michael is often depicted with a flaming sword. That angel, however, is not really named. It is just mentioned to be there. It could potentially be Azreal, who, while Islamic, is the Angel of Death. Death being the primary punishment for man's sin of disobedience.
  • i think those would be the arch angels Micheal, and the rest. i do know that arch angel Micheal is shown with a sword.
  • Actually the Bible never says that an angel wielded the flaming sword, merely that the sword was placed toward the east of Eden to guard the way to the Tree of Life. Also, there was not one angel. No number is mentioned, but the Bible says that Yahweh placed Cherubim there. In Hebrew, that -im ending forms a plural. So Cherubim means more than one Cherub. I can't recall in all my research that I have ever encountered the actual name of a Cherub, only their description. Which is quite interesting. The Cherubim supposedly have 4 faces. A human face, an eagle face, an ox face and a lion face. They also have the feet of oxen. They have 4 wings and the wings are covered with eyes. Kinda scary sounding, actually and a far cry from what most moderns think of when they think of "cherubs."
  • The angel is namless in the holy scripture.
  • It's been asked before, but why wasn't that angel, or disembodied sword, blocking the bad tree, or chopping up Satan/the snake/the snake Satan possessed, in the first place?
  • cherubims

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