• Hey Dick, havent seen your funny questions in a while, have you been feeling ok?
  • Umm..I live in ohio and the only fake voting info and ..shall we say fraud that is going on, is on the democrat's sad the way this whole campaign has gone on both sides..but acorn really did a bang up job in ohio :)
  • Hal: Where have you been? There is an election going on, in case you didn't know. And to answer your question, I don't think ACORN is out there trying to get false voter registrations to get McCain elected....IF YA'LL KNOW WHAT I MEAN!! Wink, wink ;).
  • Obama has put near three times as much money into this election as McCain, and they're still neck and neck, that says something there about what this country truly thinks, and with all the bias from the mass media it's just all worth a really hard look at who each of us are really voting for. If Republicas were carting busloads of mentally ill people and college students contingent upon their voting for McCain, and having lawyers present at every last polling station enorsing Obama's camain is having, then I would consider your question less biased and worth comparing to the falsities put out there by Obama. Take a long hard lok between the lines and make an educated vote tomorrow.

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